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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The irony (-worma)

A day after Merv Hughes declared that the Aussie selectors were evaluating Symonds as a genuine batsman, he took 3 SA wkts to bring their innings to a premature end. Perhaps he meant 'genuine bowler' instead?

The match itself is once again playing on predictable lines, with SA batsman squandering the chances gift wrapped for them by their bowlers. Well...actually...in this case the wrapping was missing..what with the last wicket stand of Hussey and McGrath. Those hundred runs have perhaps defined the course of this match.

With SA looking at a chase of over 250 instead of 150+..and with Warne and McGill ready to go..its going to be another uphill task for them from here on. And then..they have Symonds the bowler to negotiate as well ;-)


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