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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Deja vu - glitch in the matrix? (-worma)

First his selection was as an allrounder...and controversial...now its clarified that its as a genuine middle order batsman. And still controversial. We are, ofcourse, talking about Andrew Symonds.

Either way...he's close to the proverbial axe falling on his head. And rightly so...considering the extremely high cost of the space he is occupying in that team. But its really surprising that Aus selectors, as they clarify now, chose him as a genuine batsman over so many other contenders...including Clarke, Katich and that mother-of-all-scapegoats Martyn. But not only that, I wonder if even otherwise he was the best middle order bat available to them from their domestic circuit. Remember he was chosen over Hodge and Hussey as well...for that middle order slot.

Surprising, to say the least. Coming from Aussie selectors, known for taking much more rational decisions.


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