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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Catching the fad (-worma)

Over recent months we have seen the slip in catching standards of Aussies (in Ashes and beyond) and England (bravely led by KP) have been much criticized. And now...its the turn of the impossible to happen. Even SA have slipped. As we saw in this match, a couple of fluffs by Nel and Kallis (first a sitter, second definitely catchable) cost them 200 runs...and this when Aus ended up with 355 allout!

And that's not all, as this report suggests, SA have dropped 7 chances in 1.5 tests so far, costing them 435 runs. And see that in context of the meager scores that Aus finally managed in the two matches...and one realizes what SA could have achieved if only they were even close to normal.

I remember recently reading a Bob Simpson article about falling catching standards around the world, and specifically in Australia. Seems like the virus is highly infectious.


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