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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Warming up (-worma)

Younis Khan obviously rates Pakistan's chances very highly in the home series against India...and counts on Kaneria as one of the key figure in their team. But saying this...
"He is the best leg-spinner in the world today after Shane Warne. I think Kaneria gives us the edge,"
..I believe, is stretching it too far..ain't it so? I mean if he had to ignore Kumble, McGill etc...then he might as well have counted Warne out too.

Also has this to say about the upcoming Pakistani team
"Our team has been doing very well and I think it will remind people of the unbeatable team which we once had under Imran Khan.
Which again, I believe, is a touch too soon to speak of..for this team. It's on the right path, that I agree, but still has some distance to travel.

And speaking of Khan sahab..he rates Pakistan as favourites against India for the coming series. But thats him. Didn't he lash out at Inzy for calling Pakistan as underdogs going into the English series.


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