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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Pot, kettle, black (-worma)

Waqar tries mindgames before the Indian series, or atleast his version of it, by taking a ill-conceived jab at Saurav Ganguly
"I think the Indian selectors have taken a step back by picking Sourav because he is certainly not a player in form. I saw him batting in the New Delhi Test (against Sri Lanka) and he was clearly struggling to put bat to the ball", Younis said.
Although I'm not sure which match was he watching.

Also sites the examples of Aus selectors trying out new faces (emphasis mine)
"The Australian selectors threw in three to four youngsters against South Africa instead of relying on big names. The teams are not built just on talent but how that talent is used and nurtured."
Again, not sure what match is he watching..because Hussey and Hodge aren't really youngsters. Symonds is been re-tried here..and Jaques is the only youngster being blooded against SA.

Also takes a dig at the Indian batsmen
"The Indians have their grey areas. They depend heavily on their strong batting but even then collapse like a pack of cards. They are devastating and poor at times," Younis said.
Which again is mis-directed because the recently concluded SriLankan series was won over not by mountains of runs thus displelling the fears of over-reliance on batting (or atleast not always). True that at times the Indian batting collapses...but then, in today's scenario, which lineup in the world doesn't? I would still think its amongst the best...current form of a few constituents notwithstanding.

And btw, on trying youngsters...can someone please confirm if Mr Younis has actually really retired or not? No seriously...I still don't remember him actually 'conceding' retirement :-)


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