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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Match 6 - Open Thread related info - Read on (-worma)

Some of you have been requesting for an open thread at the Discussion Group. Here's an 'experimentation' from our side (can't help..."its in the air" ;-)

So..I've opened a thread under the 'Match Threads' section of the Discussion Group. Go on...carry it from here....here's the direct link to the thread.

And btw, Prem or Ruchir or myself would also open the thread here, if you guys want it thus. What say?


  • There you go Rajkot!! Today is your lucky day!!

    By Blogger HolySmoke, at 17:56  

  • Hope is a good thing !!! Rajkot, I hope to see SRT's elegence / Sehwag's brutality / Dhoni blasts or a combination of all three and then some...

    By Blogger greg2rescue, at 18:19  

  • Agreed that SG was a good player in the past, but to have him in the team would be inviting trouble in the dressing room. It is not quiet clear if he still harbors hope to getting the captaincy back..........if he still does, and there is no reason why he shouldnt, then he will do things that will destabilsie the team by creating pro-DADA and anti- RD/GC groups.

    Moreover, if he wanted to be honest with the public that all he wants is his place back in the team and not the Captaincy, then why didnt he come out and read an open statement to the press? why didnt he say that he fully backed RD as captain and that he would find form to get back in the team as a player?

    Since he didnt do that, there is reason to belive that he would be a disruptive force in the team and hence should be kept out.

    By Blogger rahul_fan, at 18:33  

  • totally agree with you rahul_fan.

    not sure why people like ss and other avid SG fans do not read into this and see what we see so clearly - that SG's cricketing skills have deteriorated, his divide and conquer leadership style of late has destroyed the team and that our bench strength goes beyond dinesh mongia, zaheer, nehra and others who live on past glories and sucking up to the captain.

    By Blogger MM, at 18:39  

  • Guys Guys guys please....lets not talk about SG anymore....positive or negative....lets play some cricket.

    By Blogger HolySmoke, at 18:44  

  • I think we should just pick one forum for discussions, either the discussion group or this blog.

    Otherwise it would make it more difficult to keep up with the posts.

    By Blogger Ranjit Nair, at 18:45  

  • rofl..

    watch out the experimentation idea might be patented:P

    good one though

    By Blogger Ginkgo, at 18:55  

  • worma,
    discussion group might be better for prem, as he tends to get blocked out of the blog for some reason...its better to have him as an active member in discussions rather than have someone cut and paste his remarks...also, per page limits for discussion group posts avoid issues with time lag for refresh(s)...

    By Blogger The Straighter Neo, at 19:06  

  • Let us leave SG.Let him take rest at domestic level.

    Move on with New Captain with young team

    SG started everything by creating drift by going to public atfirst and he desreves for that.

    By Blogger Shyam Prasad, at 19:35  

  • http://www.indiagaycricket.bowl.to/

    couldnot help it here is something to change the thought :>

    By Blogger tombaan, at 19:41  

  • it would be quiet confusing to jump back and forth between this one and the one that worma opened. I would rahter have just one of them so that i can keep up with the lovely comments my fellow bloggers make

    By Blogger rahul_fan, at 19:58  

  • Please do NOT discuss here...It is difficult to follow TWO threads. Just go to the Link below provided by Worma and Post in the DISCUSSION FORUM

    From here on, for Match 6 related discussion, please use only DISCUSSION FORUM Not Blog and Forum - very confusing

    By Blogger Glorious Uncertainty(GU), at 19:58  

  • so do i have to register again?

    By Blogger suraj, at 21:46  

  • discussion forum sucks ..

    By Blogger nilcritz, at 21:51  

  • too many features .. simplicity is lost

    By Blogger nilcritz, at 21:51  

  • Hey guys, your "experiment" to start another Discussion Group is kind of crazy. Here we have a nice community with interesting comments. Now you want us to register with a different site and remember that ID and password. Can I ask you why you are doing this all of a sudden without a good reason. This is crazy,,,,

    By Blogger Paper Tiger, at 21:59  

  • Guys,

    The idea behind the Discussion Group(link on blog) is to have a forum where there can be discussion on all cricketing and non-cricketing issues, and as such, functions as a logical extension of the blog.

    The maximum rush traffic on the blog is during the games, and the DG is a good place to host discussions, hence this.

    The first innings open thread for today's game is on the DG. The second innings would continue to be there OR on the blog, but ONLY ONE (to avoid confusion). Whether it continues to be there or on the blog, there WILL be a post announcing it, both there and on the blog.

    At the end of the game, there will be a poll on the blog asking which option is better and based on the feedback, a decision would be taken for the next few games.

    -- Arjun

    By Blogger Arjun Swarup, at 22:02  

  • Arjun

    DG seems to refresh very very slowly

    By Blogger suraj, at 22:05  

  • Discussion Group rocks...its the way to go.

    By Blogger ClannZĂș, at 22:09  

  • That DG actually sucks.

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 22:10  

  • Now for the important news - India captain Virender Sehwag has won
    the toss and elected to field first, bit of a surprising decision
    given the fact that it's an excellent batting track

    GO TO DISCUSSION FORUM for further discussion

    By Blogger Glorious Uncertainty(GU), at 22:12  

  • DG is rubbish. Lets discuss her e itself

    By Blogger J, at 22:14  

  • YAYYYY!!!
    No murali!

    By Blogger Sahir, at 22:15  

  • Who is our supersub... is he a bat..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 22:16  

  • Good we won the toss and elected to chase since the batting looked a little thin with Pathan at 7 and Murali Kartk at 8. Suresh Raina, the supersub, ought to solve that though. 5 specialist bowlers and 7 batsmen! And best of all- no Muralitharan!

    By Blogger Sahir, at 22:18  

  • Can India restrict Lanka to 280 on this paata? I'd put my money on India chasing anything less than that with Muralitharan out of the attack.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 22:20  

  • anyone knows the URL on sportingstreams for today's match??

    By Blogger Ruchir Joshi, at 22:20  

  • DG is not ideal. It has to be seen in full screen and lot of colors, etc. Bit difficult to watch all day in office. And have to navigate to pages by pages to find the latest post once the match starts.

    I vote for blog comments. it is very fast compare to DG.

    By Blogger Bala Murali, at 22:21  

  • that dg bored me in five minutes.. I am not going there anymore..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 22:22  

  • somebody put a post on the DG asking everybody tocome back to the blog!

    By Blogger Sahir, at 22:23  

  • DG is not suitable for live commentary. its too distracting.


    By Blogger natty, at 22:27  

  • It would be nice if you could just follow this one innings on the DG open thread, just to avoid confusion.

    If most people feel the way you do, then it would be reflected in the poll tomorrow, and the next game would be on the blog.

    @Bala Murali -- Thanks for your feedback. The DG can always be reconfigured to suit some preferences, but thats for later.

    By Blogger Arjun Swarup, at 22:27  

  • ruchir, same as last match

    By Blogger poothole, at 22:27  

  • sahir,

    I just did that.

    By Blogger Bala Murali, at 22:28  

  • I prefer the blog. I am not comfortable with the DG look and feel.

    also, anyone notice the team today? SRT, Sehwag, GG, Yuveraj, kaif and Dhoni are the batsmen. Sehwag is not in great touch, Yuveraj is out of form and Kaif is making a comeback. That effectively means our batting looks very weak. Not sure if SRT should be moved into the middle order to bolster it.

    By Blogger vshan, at 22:29  

  • Vshan,
    You forgot SRaina. he can bat too.

    By Blogger Bala Murali, at 22:30  

  • This is the team right? - SR Tendulkar, *V Sehwag, G Gambhir, Yuvraj Singh, M Kaif,
    +MS Dhoni, IK Pathan, M Kartik, Harbhajan Singh, S Santh,
    RP Singh.

    I dont see Raina there. Is he the Super Sub?

    By Blogger vshan, at 22:32  

  • guys,

    thanks for your feedback. I guess there is a bit of a split in terms of preferences.

    Prem would be following the game after an hour or so, maybe here, maybe there.

    Based on what he says, AND the poll, a decision will be made AFTER today's game.

    By Blogger Arjun Swarup, at 22:33  

  • vshan, yes raina is supersub. wish we were batting first :(

    By Blogger Ashvin Iyengar, at 22:33  

  • Looked close

    By Blogger Sahir, at 22:36  

  • Just pitching outside leg

    By Blogger Sahir, at 22:36  

  • Noo ashvin. If Raina is the supersub, then it is better we bat second. Otherwise, a batting collapse would mean losing one of the 5 bowlers - could be dicey on such tracks.

    Looks like it is a good chance for India - with Murali also down with an injury.

    By Blogger vshan, at 22:36  

  • Yaar Jayaprakash dede tha to achcha rehta

    By Blogger Sahir, at 22:37  

  • blog vs GDiscuss forum...my vote for blog

    By Blogger Rajg, at 22:38  

  • this santh character getting Zaheer Khan bug.. right under the nose..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 22:39  

  • rajg,

    I too agree that. Blog rocks. DG sucks.

    By Blogger Bala Murali, at 22:39  

  • Sree Santh cannot bowl that stock delivery angling away from the lefty way outside off to Jayasuriya; got to be closer to off cramping him for space

    By Blogger Sahir, at 22:39  

  • Shoot; I wish Jayaprakash had given that first appeal; I'm all for biased home umpires-- in India that is :-)

    By Blogger Sahir, at 22:40  

  • This one looks like a belter .... We will need 11 regular bowlers and not five ....

    By Blogger indCric, at 22:40  

  • Maybe a good idea to withdraw Sree Santh and bring the other left armer RP Singh. There are 2 leftys at the crese and this would do away with that natural angle created by Sree Santh. Either that or Sree Santh should some round the wicket

    By Blogger Sahir, at 22:41  

  • THANKS CHAPPEL..Do you think we should drop Santh right away or wait till the end of the match?

    By Blogger Prasad, at 22:42  

  • this pitch is hell of a pitch for betting.. common why did they bat first..

    and to both left handers, why cant left handers bowl.. they will not give the width naturally..

    Sehwag.. wake up and smell the coffee..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 22:42  

  • Why is the screwed up DG needed?
    someone wasting space and resources at a school???

    they could set up private forums in google????

    DG sux.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 22:43  

  • 300 here we come!
    Santh 10-0-80-??

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 22:43  

  • why didnt they bat first.. I meant.

    Prasad.. relax.. We are going to win this..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 22:44  

  • its a 350 wicket .... espesially if jaysurya aclicks ... VS has got it all wrong ...

    By Blogger indCric, at 22:44  

  • thanks chappel
    Still would prefer to chase given that Raina is our supersub and you are never quite sure how big a score is big enough. Chasing also ought to be a lot easier with no Muralitharan.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 22:44  

  • That DG, Couldnt understand that at such a short notice.. kind of tough for a guy like me..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 22:45  

  • Sreesanth perhaps will go for a cool 80 t 90 in his 7 or 8 overs from the looks of it

    By Blogger Crick_Love, at 22:45  

  • Without AA, SJ will get a 100!

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 22:46  

  • On this pitch, we wont need the sixth batsman anyway.. if we do, then may be we wont win it..

    Its a belter.. if 5 cant do, 6 wont either..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 22:46  

  • ok.. back for Ind chase later!

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 22:46  

  • Just the way England used the sub during the Ashes, we ought to bring on Raina as a sub fielder for each bowler as soon as they finish their spell.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 22:46  

  • my vote for BLOG.

    By Blogger ramshorns, at 22:46  

  • much better bowling from sant. jayasurya is not on strike though

    By Blogger MM, at 22:46  

  • Sreesanth is bringing Jayasuriya back to form..period

    By Blogger Crick_Love, at 22:47  

  • catch dropped???

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 22:47  

  • Yuvraj sux!

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 22:47  

  • YS --- for all his fielding abilities...should have held that....

    By Blogger Rajg, at 22:48  

  • this over much better.. This Santh character needs to learn the use of bouncer.. SJ is about to run on the pitch every time even before he bowls..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 22:48  

  • he is an overrated AH!

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 22:48  

  • is fernamdo in commentry team from dd's ST quota?

    By Blogger J, at 22:48  

  • thanks chappel,
    I'd go the other way in saying that a batting team may go for scoring 300 when it is actually a 350 wicket. You simply never know how much is enough when setting a target. Therefore, chasing is the way to go when you are facing a poor bowling attack-- which SL certainly is minus Muralitharan on such a paata.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 22:48  

  • YS is not superhuman!

    By Blogger Anand, at 22:48  

  • SS used to bowl 3 nice overs before going for 15+ in his next 2..now, he has commenced it right from 1st..the 2nd was ok but SJ was n strike for just 2 balls.

    By Blogger Crick_Love, at 22:49  

  • That was a nice shot by Tharanga; really a pretty good delivery

    By Blogger Sahir, at 22:49  

  • i am still not sure if VS did the right thing choosing to bowl

    By Blogger Anand, at 22:49  

  • this is a line and length pitch.. they need to be absolutely accurate....
    was it the same pitch where SG made a century offlate..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 22:49  

  • Santh better off bowling round the wicket to Jaysurya

    By Blogger Anand, at 22:50  

  • looks like 400 on this pitch...good nite...

    By Blogger Rajg, at 22:50  

  • TC - relax.
    both santh and singh are good prospects. I am particularly impressed by singh

    By Blogger J, at 22:50  

  • Maybe Sehwag is low on batting confidence..

    Who the hell made this pitch..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 22:51  

  • VS has screwed up!!!!!
    Gave the game away to SL on a platter by gifting the Toss to ask them to Bat First!!!!
    What the heck! Where is GC to guide VS on the Toss!!!

    By Blogger FineLeg, at 22:51  

  • Taking a real beating here; Pathan strying down leg 2 deliveries in a row

    By Blogger Sahir, at 22:51  

  • Now Pathan "joins" the party! Again this would definitely bring pressure to Indian batsmen. WOnder if they will be up to the task?

    By Blogger Anand, at 22:52  

  • Guys.. I am calling it quits right away.not worth wasting my sleep..this is going to be 360+ SL score...VS has not only got it wrng but he has ship wrecked the momentum gained after 4-0.

    By Blogger Crick_Love, at 22:52  

  • This is a batting beauty....VS has made a BIG mistake

    By Blogger FineLeg, at 22:52  

  • 33 in 5 overs.. good start for SL.. any comments on the size of the ground..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 22:53  

  • The statisticians will have a field day ... Most of the records will be tumbled .... I think the 194 from Saeed is under major threat ...

    By Blogger indCric, at 22:53  

  • tc, the ground better be small

    By Blogger Toney, at 22:53  

  • VS will have to wait for Sanath to go before opting for power play 2 .... at 3 boundaries an over .... this looks disastrous

    By Blogger indCric, at 22:54  

  • easy 350+ pitch

    By Blogger natty, at 22:54  

  • How come Indians are now hitting the stumps!?

    By Blogger Anand, at 22:54  

  • I guess.. no need to waste time in SL innings posting here every ball.. Its runs and more runs.. fun will begin at payback time..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 22:55  

  • What is the highest total on this pitch ....

    By Blogger indCric, at 22:55  

  • anand,
    we'll hit the stumps whenever the batsmen are well in their crease, but not when they're out of it

    By Blogger Sahir, at 22:55  

  • Can anyone comment on what a GRAVE mistake VS has done by gifting this Toss away!!!! Frustrating we win the toss and let them run away with it

    By Blogger FineLeg, at 22:56  

  • They need to pitch on a little shorter side.. instead of fullish length.. I believe.. little short of good length.. just in the corridor..
    otherwise, its a total fuckup..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 22:56  

  • fineleg,
    It's not a grave mistake if we chase the total :-)

    By Blogger Sahir, at 22:57  

  • A decent over from Santh finally! Hope he canmaintain this momentum.

    By Blogger Anand, at 22:57  

  • I think let Santh finish his quota.. atleast 8 in a row.. and then replace him with raina.. fast bowlers will go for plenty in slog overs..
    Raina will be needed to fetch the ball frequently..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 22:58  

  • glad to see that you guys are here and not on the discussion thread

    By Blogger nilcritz, at 22:58  

  • I don't think everyone should blame VS about gifting the toss away. With the management style we have now, I am positive that VS was told by the coach to bowl first if he wins the toss.

    By Blogger Paper Tiger, at 23:00  

  • Wow, did you see that ball race along the outfield even though the ball hit high on Tharanga's bat

    By Blogger Sahir, at 23:00  

  • Line and Length guy (JPY) is NOT playing - so we may get further screwed!

    By Blogger FineLeg, at 23:00  

  • Small outfiled .... quick .... and no movement of the pitch ..... I think the bowlers should form an union and ask the grounds man to pick any two ...

    By Blogger indCric, at 23:01  

  • thanks chappel,
    agree completely about bowling Santh out early and replacing him with Raina in the field

    By Blogger Sahir, at 23:01  

  • I think on this pitch.. 350 will be chased down in 45 overs.. so our win will depend on how confident SL batsmen feel.. if they try to get set.. and all that thing.. they will lose.. its a pitch where one should bat in Afridi mould..

    SRT will suck again as soon as he sees a big score..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 23:02  

  • Sree Santh has lost his mind-- bowling short with fine leg up in the ring

    By Blogger Sahir, at 23:02  

  • atleast they should have some grass on the ground if not on the pitch..

    Santh gets Sanath..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 23:03  

  • JAYA out

    By Blogger FineLeg, at 23:03  

  • GOne!!!!!!!

    By Blogger Sahir, at 23:03  

  • Jaysurya out! Santh strikes!! caught behind!

    By Blogger Anand, at 23:04  

  • Did I say about 20 minutes ago that SAnth should come round the wicket?

    By Blogger Sahir, at 23:04  

  • if sl score more than 325, it will be very difficult for us to chase. we shud have batted first and posted a big totoal and put sl under pressure :(
    Jayasurya is gone but still I am sure the rest of sl team will frolick on this pitch

    By Blogger Ashvin Iyengar, at 23:04  

  • someone just said bowl RTW! wow - what a call!

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 23:05  

  • @sahir !
    great call on RTW!

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 23:05  

  • Big, big wicket that;
    really need to get the other strokeplayers Sangakkara and Dilshan (should he come in at 4 out early). Atapattu and Jayawardene won't take as many liberties on this paata and that could hurt Sri Lanka.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 23:05  

  • Sahir .... Not sure why you discounting Attapattu and Mahelea ...

    By Blogger indCric, at 23:08  

  • that was a pretty good catch. dhoni looking good

    By Blogger Ashvin Iyengar, at 23:08  

  • One thing I liked about VRV Singh in the Challenger Trophy is he always came round the wicket stright away to left-handers; always a better line in one day cricket on a belter (don't provide as much width for a batsman to free his arms)

    By Blogger Sahir, at 23:09  

  • Jayasurya.. time to hang the boots.. if this pitch is not what you like.. you are up for some bad future in short term..

    Anyway guys.. does he look late in reacting.. or its just my feeling.. even his boundaries that he hit on Santh, were kind of late flow of the bat with bottom hand.. kind of not the same swing that used to thump those ball.. in the V area over the infield instead of over point.. they were full length balls.. mostly..

    Or is it his shoulder?

    By the way, whoever went to world cup with more than 3 players closing to 35.. does not qualify for super six..

    e.g Pakistan, SA in last WC.. even Engaland with oldies like Hussain, Stewart, Caddick, Gough..

    Pak with Ws and Anwar.. Latif..

    So cant afford anyone other than SRT/RD.. and SRT/RD will not be 35 either..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 23:09  

  • Guys,
    Anybody notice who is standing at first slip? No Dravid and Sehwag at mid-off. Venu did the job last game after Gambhir let one go-- is Gambhir back there?

    By Blogger Sahir, at 23:10  

  • I think SL should have sent in a pinch hitter.. Its a mistake not to..
    Overall very good bowling effort except a couple of overs.. this pitch is a hell for bowlers..

    I am kind of happy with our bowlers now.. in first 10 overs I expected atleast 75..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 23:11  

  • Why is everybody blaming VS for bowling first. IS he just not carrying out GC/RD's decision ?

    By Blogger Prasad, at 23:11  

  • Prem is on at the DG-Discussion Group Forum If you want to get Prem to chat, you may want to go there.

    By Blogger FineLeg, at 23:12  

  • thanks chappel,
    I think Sangakkara scores quickly enough, but you may see Dilshan promoted to come in next

    By Blogger Sahir, at 23:12  

  • Finish Santh, rest Pathan bring RP

    By Blogger Anand, at 23:12  

  • well its not VS.. Its combined VS/RD and GC..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 23:12  

  • every touch is a 4

    By Blogger suraj, at 23:12  

  • prasad, i m pretty sure the team would have discussed this beforehand

    By Blogger Ashvin Iyengar, at 23:12  

  • I guess they might have thought that SL will try to settle for a pre-determined score of 300-325..

    But this pitch tells you that sky is the limit..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 23:14  

  • Santh atleast shows enuf flexibility in shifting from round to over the wicket and viceversa whenever necessary.

    By Blogger Anand, at 23:14  

  • GREAT fielding by Bhajji

    By Blogger FineLeg, at 23:15  

  • One thing I notice that is promising about Sree Santh as compared to our other bowlers is the amount of bounce he gets. He definitely hits the deck harder and gets the ball to lift. On a pitch that offers even a little bounce, he could do a lot better, especially in the longer version of the game

    By Blogger Sahir, at 23:15  

  • By the way.. is the chief minister watching the match... Rajkot is in Rajasthan?

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 23:16  

  • Brilliant fielding by Bhajji! On such a paata, fielding could easily win you the game

    By Blogger Sahir, at 23:16  

  • Powerplay 2 invoked

    By Blogger Anand, at 23:16  

  • thanks chappel,
    Rajkot is in Gujurat, I believe

    By Blogger Sahir, at 23:17  

  • PP2 - is it a good or bad move?

    By Blogger FineLeg, at 23:17  


    By Blogger FineLeg, at 23:17  

  • 2nd PP

    By Blogger suraj, at 23:17  

  • Sehwag unable to bend! needs to work on his physique.

    By Blogger Anand, at 23:18  

  • PP2 is a good move.. it will turn dangerous if delayed.. better get the monkey off early.. till they are trying to KEEP wickets in hand..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 23:18  

  • Anand,
    Captaincy and fielding at midoff instead of slip ought to help him shed a couple of pounds

    By Blogger Sahir, at 23:19  

  • 55/1 in 10 overs

    By Blogger FineLeg, at 23:19  

  • SANGAKKARA gone!!!!

    By Blogger FineLeg, at 23:19  

  • GONE

    By Blogger Sahir, at 23:20  

  • singles in the circle are tough.. its runs like a rocket on te touch of a bat..

    and here goes Sanga.. Pathan bowling like a champian on this track..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 23:20  

  • So 56/2
    Will PP3 come immediately AFTER PP2 or later

    By Blogger FineLeg, at 23:20  

  • hmmm...VS' decision vindicated? hopefully yes!

    By Blogger Anand, at 23:20  

  • Not yet...VS decision will only be known end of SL innings...If SL get less than 280 VS is good decision...More than 315, then VS is Horrible decision

    By Blogger FineLeg, at 23:21  

  • Well, too bad for all those that went to sleep thinking SL was going to score 350. Like I said earlier, batsman often do foolish things because they are never sure how much is enough setting a target on such a belter, especially when facing an in-form lineup with a poor bowling attack

    By Blogger Sahir, at 23:21  

  • Moody gang is very foolish in not opting for a pinch hitter like Chandana here.. or kind of Mehroof(he is a supersub though..)

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 23:21  

  • fineleg,
    I reckon if SL is restricted to anything less than 300, India has done a good job

    By Blogger Sahir, at 23:22  

  • TC,
    Jayawardane scores quickly doesnt he??? So, PH (pinch-hit) is not needed now?

    By Blogger FineLeg, at 23:22  

  • by the way Sanga hasnt learn much.. I am seeing him getting out atleast the second time..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 23:23  

  • thanks chappel,
    I agree- SL should have changed batting order, but I would have gone with the aggressive batsman Dilshan (MOM in last encounter- so confidence should be high)

    By Blogger Sahir, at 23:23  

  • RP into the attack...I think like TC said Santh should have Continued...what say you

    By Blogger FineLeg, at 23:24  

  • I guess Pathan should bowl another over and then bring back Santh and get over his quota.. and get Raina in..

    Slow bowlers will fare better as ball turns soft and pitch a little old..

    Time for Tharanga to go.

    By the way, did you see Sehwag is not talking to bowlers after every ball.. like the other day.. which I find very irritating..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 23:25  


    By Blogger FineLeg, at 23:27  

  • TC You said right.
    Time for Thara to go

    By Blogger FineLeg, at 23:27  

  • And a top ball and mere munh mein ghee shakkar..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 23:27  

  • TC - Translation please? Sorry, did not get that!

    By Blogger FineLeg, at 23:27  

  • Gone ! This RP looks real good. Its the bounce that he generates...

    By Blogger Prasad, at 23:28  

  • hey TC...u "fixing"??!! :P jus kidding!

    By Blogger Anand, at 23:28  

  • Atta Potu in..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 23:28  

  • Sweet in my mouth.. the translation..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 23:28  

  • TC is "MATCH-FIXING"....????:):):)
    How do you know Thara is getting out that ball!!!

    By Blogger FineLeg, at 23:28  

  • wicket maiden.. on this wicket.. wow..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 23:29  

  • ATTAPATTU COMES in-Why not DILSHAN???Is ATTA selfish!!!

    By Blogger FineLeg, at 23:29  

  • common guys.. I just wished..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 23:30  

  • guess they will bring Santh after Pathan and get done with his quota

    By Blogger Anand, at 23:30  

  • LOL:) Keep wishing TC.
    May all your wishes come true today:)

    By Blogger FineLeg, at 23:30  

  • why is IP still bowling???Get Santh!

    By Blogger FineLeg, at 23:30  

  • Murali Kartik without his ponytail...hmmm India might lose :P

    By Blogger Anand, at 23:31  

  • Raina may have got that...!!!Yuvi missed a difficult stop

    By Blogger FineLeg, at 23:31  

  • Karthik got his haircut before the prev match..

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 23:33  

  • 62/3...if santh was tighter we are perhaps at 50/3

    By Blogger FineLeg, at 23:34  

  • ARUN LAL says 'puff of dust' makes 270 good total

    By Blogger FineLeg, at 23:35  

  • ARUN LAL now says 260!!!

    By Blogger FineLeg, at 23:37  

  • Is anyone else watching on willow- I am having problems- stops every 30 secs

    By Blogger suraj, at 23:38  

  • Any help!!

    By Blogger suraj, at 23:41  

  • suraj, i am not watching on willow but from what u say it soiunds like buffering problems. try increasing the buffer options. might take some work to figure out how to do that

    By Blogger Ashvin Iyengar, at 23:44  

  • seems this dude sreesanth has had enough of playing the lankans..trying really hard to get dropped isn't he...willow working fine for me..try diffrent networks

    By Blogger Neelesh, at 23:49  

  • not sure how to increase buffering options but you are right- it is a buffering problem

    By Blogger suraj, at 23:49  

  • Sreesanth if he had bowled little better...they would be 60/3 instead of 79/3

    By Blogger FineLeg, at 23:50  

  • u mean HTTP vs TCP/IP.... or network 1 vs network 2 ....

    By Blogger suraj, at 23:50  

  • jay gone!

    By Blogger Neelesh, at 23:51  

  • network 2 is working alright for me

    By Blogger Neelesh, at 23:51  

  • good work by dhoni - this guy is looking good. doubt if dinesh kaarthick is a better wk than him

    By Blogger Ashvin Iyengar, at 23:51  

  • My same old theme song.

    In spite of valuable wicket/s and bowling some great balls, Santh goes for over 6 an over. His career economy rate in the few games he played before this is 6.12. It looks like it will increase after this game. Bad enough 5+, we have to settle at 6+ an over now for an "emerging" bowler. I don't debate that Santh is among our top fast bowlers available. But why oh why can't we have higher standards?

    Somone should track how many 'waste' down leg side easy balls are bowled by the Indian pace bowlers per 10 over spell and how much they cost.

    By Blogger TFFY, at 23:52  

  • Yup Ashvin, Dhoni for tests too!

    Hahaha! Jayawodina (as Holding calls him) is gone. He was thinking of his wife.

    By Blogger TFFY, at 23:55  

  • not a statistical connoisseur but never seen so many direct hits by the indians as in this series

    By Blogger Neelesh, at 23:57  

  • atta gone ha ha!

    By Blogger Neelesh, at 23:58  

  • Atappatu gone

    By Blogger Sridhar Krishna, at 23:58  

  • wow 83-5 - who would have predicted this half an hour ago?

    By Blogger Ashvin Iyengar, at 23:59  

  • neel yeah the fielding has been great - even sehwag's chasing and stopping the ball with foot was intelligent - if he had dived he would have gone over te ropes

    By Blogger Ashvin Iyengar, at 00:00  

  • Ashiwn, Indians have taken Lanka's top 5 wickets many a times in last 10-12 matches..the problem starts after that :-)
    But nothing to take away credit from the bowlers...for what I have seen of RP sing so far..he seems to be a very good one...high arm action and get enf bounce!!!
    Lets see how we go from here to take the later half of the inings.

    By Blogger Medium_Fast_LegSpin, at 00:02  

  • so who took the wicket? cricinfo not of any help here, btw anyone know of an audio link?

    By Blogger Ruchi Shah, at 00:03  

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