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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Portrait of an Aussie as a fighting cricketer(-worma)

Ok ok...weirdo title...end of the day for me..so..

But before signing off, wanted to share this wonderful feature of an Aus cricketer who made his debut today. Brad Hodge is the name. The sheer doggedness, the stomach for fight, to hang on...makes interesting read. Consider these facts: This is when he made his debut
IT FEELS like such a long time ago that I made my debut for Victoria in an unbelievable side that included Dean Jones, Paul Reiffel, Shane Warne, Merv Hughes, Damien Fleming and Warren Ayres

This was where his career seemed to be heading
When I made 903 runs in my first season, it was put upon me to be Australia's next young Test cricketer. Ricky Ponting was playing for Tasmania at about the same age, and I guess we were bracketed together. Now he is close to playing his 100th Test and I'm playing my first.

And this is when he finally makes the cut
There's 12,679 first-class runs to suggest I can play the game, and that gives me a lot of confidence. It would be nice to add a few more at Test level.

Puts a lot of things in right perspective, this story. Doesn't it?


  • "I told my boys that I have kept my record of losing finals intact."
    Sourav Ganguly lets out a wry smile after East Zone lose in the Duleep Trophy final

    What a shameless looser sourav is!!!!

    By Blogger rahul_fan, at 18:26  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger rahul_fan, at 18:30  

  • why do we need to bring him back?
    because kolkotans have nothing better to do than stage a protest to include him? or because he of his average past record?

    A guy who lost 19 of 20 finals for india is being potrayed as the best indian captain? this is simply to suggest that we indians are idiots?

    heres our verdict, he is an average captain and a below average batsman. SO WAKEUP DADA....you are no longer required in the team. Please stop whining and play FC cricket or retire.

    By Blogger rahul_fan, at 18:31  

  • nice post, worma. Really enjoyed this one. Also, has a lot of parallels in INdian cricket. Now, Hodge will be destroyed if he fails in the test. Wishing him all the best...

    Another thing to note, Hodge is 30. The Aussies still dont have anybody young enough to act as the link b/w the past and future? Other than Clarke, i.e.

    By Blogger Toney, at 18:31  

  • toney, apparently there's a youngster(at 26, he's young by Aus standards), Phil Jaques in contention for a spot.

    And yeah...one can find parallels to this story everywhere...whenever we see a good talent waiting on the sidelines...be it McGill...or even Laxman....or Karthik...or even Hussey, Lehman

    By Blogger worma, at 18:39  

  • Stuart Law is another one. I used to think, at one point, he was the best player ona bouncy wicket (along with Ponting). He's in English County cricket, right?:)
    And then, there are the gys who dont even get a look in into intl cricket. I wonder if such guys think of themselves as failures. Hopefully not

    By Blogger Toney, at 18:42  

  • new one by harsha

    nothing earthshatteringly new here except finally someone has commented on the speed guns being used in india

    By Blogger JD, at 18:46  

  • Yeah...Law was one...dunno where he's vanished..I mean in terms of national chances...never read about him. Then there was another Martin Love...remember him...played a few ODIs..I was very impressed with his attitude...looked like what Hussey is today (esp in ODIs)..he's also vanished from the scene...and I'm sure there are many such stories of lost chances due to this strong Aus team.

    Even now, had Martyn, Katich held form for one more year...probably Hodge etc would not have got a look in...they would have looked to blood a youngster

    By Blogger worma, at 18:46  

  • have u guys read this

    its supposed to be the tour diary of smith. its f* amazing

    someone posted this link in the other thread this afternoon

    By Blogger JD, at 18:51  

  • There were a couple of well-known cases like this in India, Padmakar Shivalkar and Rajinder Goel. Both of them had the misfortune of being very good spinners during the days when the famed spin quartet of India were at their peak. I think Rajinder Goel has the record for the most wickets in Ranji. Makes you realize that you need a huge helping of lady luck too, just having talent and determination will not do it in some cases...

    By Blogger Multy, at 19:05  

  • Worma,
    Superb write-up by Hodge.Thnx!!Mere talent will be useless unless directed in the right avenue.Hope he makes it big.

    By Blogger sunny, at 19:23  

  • He was slated for debut during the time India toured Aus...
    Guess he even made a double century in the tour match...
    But then some ppl have to really fight their way into the squad...
    a la K.P Bhaskar...but then that gent..unfortunately never got to be in the squad...

    By Blogger Ginkgo, at 20:34  

  • jd, thanks for the link. Did you read the diary dated Nov 14. Quote :-

    "Monday 14 November: First match! Had a surprise visitor this morning — Sourav Ganguly, the old Indian captain. Was very friendly, if a little weather-beaten — unshaven, slightly shabby looking, and appeared to have slept in his clothes, although I'm sure that's not the case. He asked me quite a few questions about how I'd got rid of Ray, and muttered something about filthy Australian scum — call me a psychic, but I think there may be something Sourav isn't entirely happy about."

    Man, this guy is incorrigible. He has the audacity to ask smith how he got rid of Ray...

    By Blogger greg2rescue, at 20:42  

  • another quote :-
    "Wednesday 16 November: First match! I always get excited, and today was no exception. Saw Sourav on the way to the game, standing by traffic lights, offering newspapers to passing cars. Must have been some sort of charity drive — I do plenty of stuff like that back home."

    is this for real ???

    By Blogger greg2rescue, at 20:44  

  • u kiddin??how can anyone believe such stuff??its all yellow journalism,dude....or maybe someone was just tryin to be humorous.
    ezzz guyz.....use some common sense when it comes to guage wutz fact and wutz fiction.

    By Blogger sunny, at 22:08  

  • guys
    that bit by Dan is supposed to be humorous. loved the subtle references to the bookies and cronje

    By Blogger JD, at 23:09  

  • Stuart Law is now an Englishman, but he's unlikely now to make the England team. Saw him make a supreme ton at Lord's for Lancashire against Middlesex in 2003.

    Both Hussey brothers are excellent - saw David make a superb ton this year at Lord's for Notts, although Ed Joyce's 19X in the same match was one of the best I have ever seen. Joyce is now qualified for England and watch out for him.

    Phil Jacques is real class and I think he will probably get hsi chance very soon.

    Law, both Husseys, Hodge and Jacques are all extremely unlucky to have had so few chances between them. They would all have been inked in on the team sheet from their mid twenties onwards in any other country.

    By Blogger Ged, at 05:00  

  • worma, not sure if you will read this - but thanks for the great link to the article by Hodge. Just amazed how much of a problem the 'matey' spirit in Aus really is - people have to drink beer to be with mates, and it actually screws up careers! Every country has its own problems - interesting.

    By Blogger ze rambler, at 05:08  

  • ged: what do you mean Joyce is now qualified? Is he not an Englishman? Aussie??...sorry for sounding ignorant :-)

    ze rambler: yeah I also noticed that beer part in that article...ofcourse other countries' players also drink their fill (e.g Eng) but seems like Aus cricketers' careers are often inter-linked with the drink....Ponting too, no? And Symonds also. Must be others too.

    By Blogger worma, at 06:22  

  • worma - not ignorance on your part - I should have explained better.

    Ed Joyce is from the Republic of Ireland and so had to qualify to play for England. As Ireland is only an ICC affiliate nation, he was allowed to play for them more or less until the day he qualified for England. He did just that and ensured Ireland's passage into the World Cup 2007, where they will struggle without him (would have struggled anyway).

    He is real class and has been a vital part of the Middlesex middle roder for some time now. He's a left hander - plays all forms of bowling well - he's the natural successor to Thorpe IMCO.

    By Blogger Ged, at 06:47  

  • ohh..ok...thx..and yes now I do vaguely remember reading about the Irish connection.

    Have been hearing about Joyce's chances for some time now, wonder why Cook is preferred over him? Did that double ton against Aus push him ahead in the queue? I mean..on that pitch...even Hayden scored a century ;-)

    By Blogger worma, at 06:53  

  • Cook is an opener and was called in as cover for Strauss (having a baby) and Vaughan (knee).

    Joyce is not an opener.

    According to some sources, when it looked like we might also lose Tres, Joyce was next in the queue to join the squad.

    Goodness knows who would have opened in those circumstances - Strauss & Jones perhaps.

    I would like to see a left hander in the middle order. Two leftie openers followed by all righties doesn't seem ideal to me, although ultimately the team places should go on merit, not handedness.

    By Blogger Ged, at 07:18  

  • yeah...unless you want KP to open :-)...

    Btw...I thought Cook was called for Vaughan? So ideally they should have asked for a middle order batsman. Maybe tried to cover for Strauss also (although that shounds illogical, since Strauss' early return was already known when they came, isn't that so?)

    By Blogger worma, at 07:43  

  • Vaughan is an opener.

    He dropped down to three when Strauss came in (for Vaughan's knee, as it happens) and did so well.

    That's why the plan was for Vauaghan to open with Tres while Strauss has his baby.

    Then when Vaughan looked doubtful, they felt they needed opener cover.

    KP to open? THE KP, otherwise known as "Sehwag with hair and attitude"? We're not India you know. :-)

    By Blogger Ged, at 08:41  

  • LOL..good one :-))...yeah I had Sehwag in mind when I half joked about KP to open. Sehwag, for all his attacking instincts, has a pretty compact game (while it may not look thus) with good enough defensive technique and mindset.

    And..this may ramble on...but wasn't Vaughan himself not a natural opener in the first place? Anyways...I got the picture.

    By Blogger worma, at 09:13  

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