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Monday, October 03, 2005

And from our own land(-worma)

Here comes the next twist in the BCCI tale...the Supreme Court has asked the concerned parties (within BCCI..and member clubs etc) to sort out the differences and chose a non-judicial observer for the polls. So JD's winning move of last time...already quashed. Whats he gonna come up next...wait and watch :-)

And here is an interview from the other 'camp' contender...Sharad Pawar...read it yourself and judge what's he got in store for us.

In other news..Kambli looking for the captaincy of Mumbai team...and even a chance to get back into Indian team!...Ahh well...anyway its good to see him healthy and back to his 'normal' self again :-)


  • Interesting


    Well he must have been sleeping all these days otherwise he would not have said this
    Mahendra said the Board was concerned over Ganguly's poor run but believed that it was approriate to give the players, especially the captain, some time to find their form. More so the board is not doing the cricket of India or itself any good with such irresponsible behaviour.

    here he goes on to defend SG
    "See what you are saying could also be the feeling of many other cricket fans in the country. But let us all not forget that recently Ganguly has scored a Test hundred in Zimbabwe", he said.

    "Ganguly also might be seriously thinking about his form. So to say that we are not concerned or bothered is not right, we very much are," Mahendra said.

    Well reinventing the wheel as they say

    "We have ordered a probe into leaking of coach Chappell's e-mail to the Board...At the same time we have taken corrective measures to ensure that such things do not happen in the future," he said.

    "Many players have also said that they feel whatever happened in the dressing room should not have come out in the open.From here, all of us have realized that we need to avoid such situations, and work for the betterment of the game and its fans."
    What can swe say about the great Indian Cricket Tamasha

    By Blogger Sriram Vanamamalai, at 08:57  

  • One look at the Irani scorecard and you will know why India struggles. The problem is youngsters. We do not have international quality youngsters. We do have seniors pros, but we want to play Kaif, Yuvraj, Sodhi, Kartik, Parthiv, Ratra, Raina, RP Singh etc etc. The list is really disgusting. We do not want even the 25-30 year old pros like Mongia, Badani, Goud, Sharath, Dahiya, JP Yadav, Kale etc. I bet all these would have performed much better than those so called talented youngsters. Talent is a very relative term, you can be talented, but does not mean you are 'ready'. But you know what? We will keep looking for Kaif's and Yuvraj's, we will give them 100 matches to prove. And one day they will repay by winning a game or two. And then we all rejoice in the moment.
    After Irani trophy, I have no doubt that no one from that squad should be anywhere near Indian team. ( Except Gambhir, who has proved himself in domestic cricket, or maybe Rao too)
    I wish I could put a stop to gifting of Indian cap to the 'talented' youngsters. Only exceptional talent ( Tendulkar, Kambli, Kumble deserve these chances) should be picked.
    By the way anyone of you want to bracket anyone from the first list with being a exceptional international talent? If the answer is no, we have messed up.

    By Blogger mau tor, at 09:31  

  • Here we go again. I knew sooner or later, SG's 100 in ZIM would enter the picture, and will be a ticket for more free rides in the team. The mandate from the board (JD) is clear. SG will remain captain. How unfortunate.

    By Blogger RM, at 09:32  

  • mau tor: aren't you mixing test cricket with ODIs? So which 'talented youngster' got a test callup without proving himself in domestic games?...as far as I recall...it is Pathan(good find)....Yuv(good find...century and half-century in first two tests in Pak!)...Sehwag(good find...test century on debut...although he had established in ODIs)...Parthiv(mix bag)...Kaif(when he got his test debut he was doing well in domestic, if I recall correctly)...

    ..so i dont see your point? The Rainas and Raos are being tried in ODIs...which is a totally different issue..since there is no domestic structure of ODIs to judge them in..

    By Blogger worma, at 10:14  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger The Rational Mind, at 10:28  

  • @worma
    i agree with u abt the youngsters. however i do feel that ppl like yuvi kaif etal have a responsbility to play domestic cricket as much as possible. why on earth are they not playing the irani trophy ? for that matter why on earth are VVS, SG, Pathan, Zaheer, HS etal not playing ?? DO they find it below their dignity ? Are they already exhausted so early in the season ? This is just preposterous ! How do u expect the other players to prove themselves if they do not het the opportunity to play with the best in the country ? then if they do well we say indian domestic cricket is of no value bcoz the top players dont play !! whos fault is it that the top players dont play ?

    By Blogger The Rational Mind, at 10:29  

  • the rational mind: I think they are not playing because they have such a busy season...that any rest is most welcome. This is a common complaint around the world...that the national players dont play enough domestic games..for the same reason of getting as much rest as possible...and in India the amount of international cricket played is probably amongst the highest...so I dont blame them.

    Sure...if there are enough breaks...and if they do want to fine tune their skills....or if their state teams need them desperately..then they should play (and they do)...but otherwise I can see that the main fault is not with them.

    Yes it is hard for the others in domestic curcuit...since they are not judged in as much good competition as possible....but thats the way it is...I dont see a way out...unless the amount of international cricket is reduced (btw, check out that Bob Simpson article I posted...same problem in Aus also!)

    By Blogger worma, at 10:33  

  • Prem,

    No comments on the line-up for the Challenger series? I know you are not a big fan of the series, regardless it warrants one post, doesn't it?

    I am shocked to see that Ambati Rayudu does not figure in any of the teams. Last I heard, he is an unregistered player while making his move from Hyderabad to Andhra. Case of a bright young talent losing out coz he has no Godfather?

    What about the new faces - Vidyut Sivaramakrishnan, Piyush Chawla, Manjoj Tiwari and Sunny Singh? They are all supposed to be "one-day" specialists. Any inputs?

    By Blogger cricket_fan, at 10:56  

  • Mau Tor,
    Actually all those selected for ROI are those who have performed well in last season. Neeraj Patel, Rao and Jadhav have scored heavily in Ranji. Raina on the other hand havent. But he scored well in domestic ODI's. RP was i think highest wicket taker. So i dont think you can blame selectors for selecting this team. Badani and Mongias werent among runs last season.
    And the pitch they are playing on isnt very productive for scoring. the difference btn two teams have been Karthik's inning.

    By Blogger Vick, at 11:20  

  • rm,
    Right, when people look at SG's performance, they definitely should ignore the century against Zim, and that half century against SL. Makes sense!

    By Blogger bouncer, at 11:48  

  • RMS, when probed by a reporter through telepathy, on giving Ganguly time...

    "He has only been out of form for 18 months or so. Ganguly is only 33 and he is in less than average shape. He can easily last another 5 years. Give him another 18 months...if he is still out form then maybe he can take break then. He will only be 35 then."

    RMS continued to impress with his understanding of the world and cricket...

    "Gagnuly's hundred in Zimbabwe and his 50 against SL should carry a lot of weight. They are significant because without those knocks, we would have lost against Zimbabwe and lost heavily against SL. They are also significant because he grinded quality bowling till they had no answers to his batting. They were also made in Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka, both exotic places with bizarre customs and wildlife that would have made it more difficult for Ganguly to concentrate and exaggerated the blindspot created by the crouched stance that he adopts."

    The last bit as interesting as it was confusing. However none of us dare question the great RMS.

    "...it's just a question of time. After the next WC SG can walk away in peace knowing that he has done everything to win the WC as a captain, if he so wishes"

    By Blogger Jiet, at 16:43  

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