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Monday, October 03, 2005

More global roundup(-worma)

In a bit of shocking news (continued) Martyn concedes that there are slim chances of his return to test cricket. To me this is surprising at the least....because not only was he their best batsmen in the last season, but has been consistently good for previous 3-4 seasons...and moreover his poor run (if one can call it that) has only been for 4 matches (remember he had a good knock in Aus second innings in the Lords test)...and some of those have been poor ump decisions! I still feel he can come back, and certainly 'looks' like having more cricket left in him than some others in the current squad.

In other news...there is wicked satisfaction for those who are frustrated with our bowlers (esp Nehra and Khan) breaking down often. Here is their Guru breaking down on an injury return! Come to think of it...Nz, for all its advancements and modern practices etc...have this problem the most acute of all international teams.

Also Tait(with what...2 test matches?) breaks down...missing out the Super Series...along with Hogg.

And amidst all the euphoria around the super-series...Gilchrist voices his stand-out(as usual) opinion that its wrong to grant official status to the series. Atleast I agree with him.

And Waugh has words of warning for both Aus and its challenger Eng here.
"When you are in a two-way contest someone has to win and someone has to lose, and it's just that England outplayed Australia," he said.

"I don't believe for a moment Australia are on the wane.

"It's just that they didn't play as well as they had liked and the next six months will be a real challenge to see how Australia copes following this recent series.

"But I wouldn't write Australia off just yet.

"And for England to judge itself as a great team they have to win both home and away against every side and that is something England must set themselves the task to achieve.


  • Here we go... about time someone picked up on this.


    The Aussies are always thinking ahead of the rest. Baseball fielding has to be the best. They even have a tracking term called "errors" for fielding miscues. In cricket, we do not - goes to the mindset !

    By Blogger losing now, at 09:32  

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