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Saturday, September 24, 2005

whoa !

..and another interview of Chappell...to me it looks different from the one that Prem had commented on yesterday...or the one which I had also linked to in my posts. Atleast he has thrown light one a few new issues here. I have a feeling I may be reading too much into the lines here....so I'll leave it for you all to read and judge.

But one thing I can still say, as a strictly personal opinion, I have a feeling Greg is talking to the media too much. And not now, but right from the beginning of his stint. Perhaps that's my personal preference, perhaps its the effect of the reclusive John Wright on me....but I would have liked him to work 'a bit' more behind the scenes. Although maybe not as much as Wright who gave these many interviews in probably his entire stint!

For I feel that especially in the Indian media, the more he speaks, the more are chances of over-analysis, needless controversies pulling back on actual work (and people like me trying to read too much into it :-)

Here's an express analysis of this issue in light of the email contents, and what he revealed in his interviews.

Here another analysis from Guardian. Gives a good idea of the outsider's view of the affair.

One line, about SG, that I found amusing was Ganguly scored his first Test hundred in two years in Bulawayo and a media truce was cobbled together, with Chappell pictured playing pool with his captain - Ganguly, a cerebral, upper-class type, does not much care for pool, unless perhaps he can get a servant to play it for him.

Despite being cautious not to read too much into a presumably harmless witticism, it still hints at the underlying 'sentiment' prevailing in the British (and maybe Aussie) media and public about Ganguly. And I've sometimes got this impression from generally innocuous comments about SG in Eng blogs etc. Ahh...I wish SG and the team could get back to its 2001-2004 level...and give the Eng tourists a good dose of the 'Waugh medicine'...if only just for the fun of reading the shock and horror reports in their media...


  • Well Worma, If you have noticed GC has had most success with impressionable players like Irfan which feeds into my theory that GC would be the perfect coach for the indian *under 19 * team or perhaps become the NCA director. Its stupid for GC to think that one day he tells an SG or any otehr establsihed player that he does not belong in the Indian team and then next day expect him to take orders from him. If I were that player I'd show him the Finger. Wouldn't you ?

    By Blogger Prasad, at 09:06  

  • Worma...whats up with you dude. A piece of advice for you - Please don't over analyze. I don't think you are good at it.
    Am sure a lot of guys here are in here for Prem. So, to keep things going..it would be great if you kept things simple and leave the rest for guys to comment on articles in the forum.

    As for GC..hes one guy I thoght didn't talk too much to the media from the start. Only after the whole SG thing, he gave a couple of interviews..and I think its very mature ..the rest of get to hear this point of view too.

    By Blogger Raj, at 09:11  

  • If GC is the Indian under 19 coach then by Wc2011 we will have eleven indian looking "aussie-clones" as a cricket team that we can all be proud of.

    By Blogger Prasad, at 09:17  

  • This whole feud is about control. GC wants to be unchallenged. You know given all this poppy cock I have been hearing about "situational awareness" and mental fitness and physical fitness they all sound too good.. but half the current ICC world ODI XI wouldn't pass muster. South Africans -situationally aware or mentally fit remember D/L fiasco durinmg WC03?? Inzy physically fit ? Lara, Akhtar -team players ??

    By Blogger Prasad, at 09:25  

  • prasad..hey sorry for not replying to your other comments in mainly cricket...will do that soon. As to GC..well early days...but yes there is an impression that he is probably giving too much emphasis to basic development, not suited to mature cricketers....but then..we dont know who well it materialises when put in practise...he may be having good results in general. And I wont read too much into immediate results of any players (pathan, or kaif)...saying that this is because of coach (pathan had similar devastating spells in b'desh, Kaif was in equally good touch during ICC trophy 2002 etc)...neither into Pathan saying GC has helped. Ofcourse he is the coach...he's not spending his time fighting with Ganguly...and he's a smart crickter...sure he would have helped many of them.

    raj, thanks for the advice mate. I do try to keep my opinions well regulated. And generally put the rider when its strictly my opinion. But hey, thats the purpose of my contributions to this blog....highlight issues which struck me....have a healthy exchange etc.

    By Blogger worma, at 09:28  

  • GC is a legendary player but not a legendary coach as suggsted in the media. Case in point , he took South Australia to the dizzying heights of....mediocrity if memory serves.

    By Blogger Prasad, at 09:29  

  • Ok i am a newbie here, but some pretty intersting opinions on this blog,,,,I feel GC is trying to keep his end of the bargain or atleast the way its being potrayed in the media is that he is, his commitment to excellence that he stressed on and SG is the perfect foil for GC to experiment on, with this new philosophy,,,,maybe a yr of ranji,improved physical fitness and miniscule changes in technique will do SG no harm, and i am sure SG realises that fact,but i feel its more of an EGO problem both men having huge inflated egos,,,,SG started it,GC wants to end it.
    On a side note, playing domestic cricket and forcing his way back into the team before wc07 wud increase SG's popularity immensely, something which has been rapidly declining,,,,
    any thoughts guys??

    By Blogger sherine, at 09:45  

  • Everybody is talking about putting the interests of indian cricket first and apparently that that is exactly what GC is doing or going to do!

    How is that even remotely possible when you look at what GC has done ever since he has come in. The first thing he does is thrash all the senior batsmen in the team starting with Sachin, then Laxman and of course Ganguly.

    Which part of this suggests to you that GC is putting indian cricket at heart. This seems to me like a coach who has gone out of control, letting his ego get the better of him and losing his marbles.

    Does anyone actually believe that the players in the team will actually trust GC even if they say he has helped them as players after the way he has managed the situation Ganguly's behaviour not withstanding.

    Team chemistry is a very nebulous thing and this does not augur well for indian cricket, cracking the whip is not the answer to all that ails team india.

    It is very easy to espouse non-negotiables like running between the wickets and fitness and mental toughness and so on. Any self respecting cricket fan will tell you all this, the trick is to get everyone doing these things.

    In any team of course you will get a bunch of people with different motivations and different work ethics that is why you need a coach whose job it is to make these guys buy into his vision and make things happen.

    And you do not do that by alienating some of the people who have contributed to indian cricket with their blood sweat and tears. And more importantly who still have it in them to make a difference. People like Laxman and Ganguly have not reached their use by date as cricketers who can play at the highest levels. Kaif and Yuvraj still have a long way to go before they can even think of replacing them permenently.

    It is very easy to say the whingers like Ganguly, Laxman, Zaheer and who else have you are not playing ball maybe so then what is the coach doing about it other than writing emails. And please let's not for one moment think that GC did not know that this incendary email was not going to get into the public domain, he is not that stupid, he wanted his mail to get into the public domain. Maybe for all you know this was a very smart Pawar ploy to add some unstability during the BCCI election.

    This whole fiasco is a political issue and not a cricketing issue and GC and SG have not helped themselves either. Let's just hope that both these egotistical and destructive characters come to their senses and resolve it like the champions that they are. Otherwise in the end they will BOTH be the losers and then guess who will be laughing... the Aussies and the English... this sends a shiver down my spine!

    By Blogger globalsoul, at 09:46  

  • I have been pretty much silent on all those BCCI/GC/SG posts until now. I read your 'personal opinion' that GC seems to be talking too much and I wanted to jump in and agree with that.

    We are certainly making SG a big scapegoat in this whole situation and most likely it could be a political chess game between JD and Pawar. But GC seems to care too much about the media and he seems to be on a certain agenda.

    How else can you explain 1) His long email right after a test series win, criticising the captain, and more importantly, 2) leaking of the same to the media.

    Also, how else can you explain his constant biting of the bait offered by the media? The media is of course looking for more spice and this guy keeps offering it.

    Don't tell me GC has no idea about how passionate the Indian media (and possibly the rest of the cricketing world too) is about Indian cricket team. Don't tell me he does not know that whatever statement(s) he makes are going to be completely chopped up and used as sound bytes in bits and pieces in various media circles. Don't tell me he does not realize that there are some media persons who will not give up the trail that will 'prove' something 'that they already knew' - the SG is no-good and is using his power and connections with JD to stay in the team.

    He knows all that. He has to.

    Then why is he talking so much? There has to be a puppet master pulling the strings behind the stage. Who is this puppet master?

    The one thing (and perhaps the ONLY thing) that bothers me in reading so much so far, is that SG seems to be creating factions in the team. I just cannot see that happening with guys like RD and Kaif and all that. I can see how Kumble may feel snubbed and he may look for succumbing to a 'camp' and on the other hand Harbajan, Nehra and Zaheer falling likewise to the 'other camp'. But the report that I read, said Dravid is actually leading the opposite camp!

    Come on. If Dravid is what is made out of him (I don't know him personally or even with 2 degrees of separation), this good guy who works for the team and nothing but the team, I cannot see how he could form a camp and start creating factions in the team. I truly believe that it is a story created by someone just for the media to add fuel to a somewhat mild fire.

    We have to ignore this b.s. and come to the team's support. SG has truly done nothing wrong. The media has come out against him and he is most likely being made a sacrificial pawn in the chess game between Dalmiya and the world. It would be sad if he is let go.

    By Blogger RPM, at 09:51  

  • You guys gotta be kidding. if you guys want to taste success then you have to do with the chappell way. If you fella's still want to talk about the famous 83 truimph then be my guest and continue dissing chappell.

    Chappell is the right coach for India and he is the one that's going to bring glory to cricket fans all over. Definitely not Ganguly's attitude!

    By Blogger jgohil, at 09:57  

  • And if the players have lost confidence in their captain as chappell suggests, then what is your solution then? Chappell is just pointing things that are wrong and what needs to be done, and if you guys can't be honest enough with yourself to accept his motives, then may god help you.

    By Blogger jgohil, at 09:59  

  • Hypothetical Scenarios:
    Dalmiya XI(200/9) beat Pawar XI(199-all out)(close game)Man of the Match: Saurav Ganguly
    Pawar XI(200/9) beat Dalmiya XI(100-all out)(no contest)
    Man of the Match: Greg Chappell

    Either ways: Out in the knockout stages: INDIAN CRICKET

    By Blogger sherine, at 10:00  

  • This site is getting better and better. With these additional bloggers, it really is coming along. Nice going Prem & Team.

    Cricket: this cannot have worked out any better to fit my personal view. Meaning if SG and GC both get canned, I will be thankful for that. Of course, SG getting fired would be the most important. This guy did a wonderful job of getting Cricket in India straight, but recently he is just screwed the team and this country's cricket like his little bitch. GC, never a big fan, did not like him as much as Tom Moody but he has a fire I like. So if he stays. Oh hum. If he is canned, oh hum.

    By Blogger ahem, at 10:01  

  • "The first thing he does is thrash all the senior batsmen in the team starting with Sachin, then Laxman and of course Ganguly."

    You gotta be kidding mate. All Chappell said about Sachin is that he is not going to be that of an explosive player as he was in his youth. What's wrong with that statement? Sachin knows its a true comment. Sachin has been playing for 15 years or so and with such long career, you become mature and your play and technique can change. All CHappell pointed out was the obvious.

    Are you fuming cause it was an Australian who said that? Would you have paid notice if someone like Kapil Dev mentioned that infront of your living room?

    By Blogger jgohil, at 10:02  

  • Entirely agree with the feelings against GC here - I mean this Aussie is treating the Indian team like his own locality's cricket team where he is the The Boss and he can do whatever he like. He likes and rates impressionable and 'soft' targets like IP, RD etc who will be the patient students while he plays the role of the angry headmaster.

    SG is not in his prime form - not a shadow of doubt. If you want to give him the sack - let a judgement be made on cricketing reasons, not on the basis of ludicrous accusations
    levied by an ugly Aussie keen to please the media.

    SG has built this team up - brick by brick, blood & sweat. He is the first man who has taught Indian crikcet to look the English and the Aussies in the eye and not flinch. The Aussies and English want him removed so that they can ride roughshod over us again.

    By Blogger Come on India!, at 10:03  

  • Sherine, IMO, SG is too old to improve his fitness and no amount of Ranji will help. This is the end game as far as I see for SG. If selectors are not going to kowtow to GC, then IMO, they should give SG a long rope against SL in the ODI series JUST as a player and then he can use that rope to hang himself or swing back to form. ANyway, I'd wager on SG combating Murali and co. better than a Kaif or Yuvraj. SG can be a perfect supersub, IMO. Its going to be tough for SG because he will walk in to bat knowing full well not just Murali and co. but his coach and a lot of the media and indian cricket fans wants him to fail. This indeed will be the biggest battle for SG... and I will root for him.

    By Blogger Prasad, at 10:05  

  • Hey worma,

    What's up dude? Saw raj's comments abt u and have to absolutely disagree- I find your comments more "cricketing insight" than most of the other folks here- at times even Prem. I disagree with many of your opinions but keep up the good job

    By Blogger suraj, at 10:05  

  • jgohill,

    Totally agree with your comments abt GC- if we want to live in denial that without a plan and strategy we will get better let's go back to the old ways otherwise we need to support GC.

    come on india- Aussie or Indian, IMO coach is supposed to be the boss otherwise don't hire him

    By Blogger suraj, at 10:09  

  • "SG has built this team up - brick by brick, blood & sweat. He is the first man who has taught Indian cricket to look the English and the Aussies in the eye and not flinch."----

    I am sure every Indian captain past and present, including SG imbibed the same philosophy in the players, SG was more vocal and had more media coverage,,,, and he had a professional in John Wright do all the work behind closed doors, the problem right now is Wright did not have confrontational nature, GC has one, is it good or bad???? and Ganguly did not build the team, he contributed towards building it as did several other senior players and the coach. On a side note ,knowing Ganguly not a lot of blood and sweat were involved.:-)

    By Blogger sherine, at 10:15  

  • Prasad: Will SG's ego permit him to be a super-sub?
    He keeps saying things about team play, but i wonder!

    By Blogger sherine, at 10:17  

  • Gohil ,Why do you think GC's word are sacrosanct. It is his opinion which could be right or wrong. The only way to know if there are factions (Which is very serious charge and must be looked into) is for the board to speak ot the players. There have never been factions in the last 5 years under SG. SO, how come now. SG is always in and out of form and has always been taking sh*t from the media so why would he start creating factions now JUST so he can hold on to captaincy and continue ot be criticized by all and sundry who know very little about winning cricket matches.

    By Blogger Prasad, at 10:19  

  • agree with raj - people are here for Prem.
    This worma character (unless it is another of Prem's handle) should keep shut. his posts are rotten to be
    diplomatic. Prem - please have a words with worma.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 10:19  

  • yacrick- if you want to shut everyone on the blog, what's the point of having it?

    Maybe you can stay away instead of asking worma to shut up because his comments have more insight

    By Blogger suraj, at 10:32  

  • SHerine, Look I'm sure SG knows he is not the best fielder in the world and if he is not captain then there is no use for him on the field except as a matchwinning batsman. So, he should be told play as a supersub or sit out. What do you think he will opt for ? One thing people don't talk about is SG is a true patriot and wants to be part of a WINNING indian team AND he truly believes he can win matches for India with his batting. He did not score 15000 international runs by accident. The question for the selectors is can he STILL win matches for India. I think the man deserves to find out for himself by being given a chance. I am confident that if does not perform after the SL series he will happily go out of the team knowing his skills are diminished and will will NOT stand in the way of India's success in the WC.

    By Blogger Prasad, at 10:33  

  • Hey Worma,

    Ignore all the people who are harassing you, your insights are intelligent and make a lot of sense.

    You are one of the contribters of this site and you are one of the reasons i come to this site.

    Prem's views are at most times coloured by his angst and frustration maybe he has every right to it given the number of years he has seen all this happening up close and personal, the shenenigans are enough to even drive a shadhu to drink.

    In any case worma keep up the good work, you are doing an excellent job.

    By Blogger globalsoul, at 10:35  

  • Yacrick..you would constitute as an ideal cricket player for.....GC. Never question ... always obey.

    By Blogger Prasad, at 10:35  

  • Prasad: Good to hear your views, I am not saying anything contrary to the affect of SG being a good bat, bad fielder etc,,,, a true patriot? I am not sure (nationalism in cricket is a thing of the past, again my personal opinion, players play for purely monetary reasons and of course the fame that comes with it, more so in India where cricketers have godly status, very few still play for the love of the game or have any patriotic fervor left). As for chances, has he not been given enough chances???? having a poor run is one thing but this long, is it acceptable?

    By Blogger sherine, at 10:40  

  • Talking about sports, individual glory in teams sports,,,, its not just limited to cricket, here in Canada since I follow hockey the best hockey u get to see are in the major junior leagues, cause kids play purely for the love of the game and play as a team, NHL,AHL,,, all about individuals

    By Blogger sherine, at 10:44  

  • Folks, this GC stays or SG stays is all bull. When is the last time a captain who won a test series abroad and made a century himself was sacked? If it is between GC or SG, reason says SG stays, GC goes. GC's problem may be that he wants a bunch of docile Indians who will say yes Sir every time he speaks. Not getting his way with SG, he himself is trying to divide the team and making it bitter.

    By Blogger bouncer, at 10:45  

  • Oh BTW, Worma, keep up the good work...

    By Blogger Prasad, at 10:45  

  • Oh BTW, Worma, keep up the good work...

    By Blogger Prasad, at 10:45  

  • PTI Reports:

    Finally, the contents of Greg Chappell's email to Ranbir Singh Mahendra were revealed thanks to the dilligence of a reliable Insider:

    Hello Ranbir,

    My tenure as coach has led me to believe that the only thing that can rescue Indian Cricket is this chain mail. I am sending it to you for good luck. The original is in Adeilade, Australia. It has been sent to the Zimbabwe cicket board nine times. Their luck has now been sent to you. You will receive good luck within four days of receiving this message - Provided you, in turn send it on.

    This is no joke. You will receive good luck in your mailbox. Send copies to people you think need good luck. Starting with Saurav Ganguly. Do not keep this message. This message must leave your hands in 96 hours.

    A former England Allrounder received 470,000 pounds. Another cricketer received 40,000 pounds and lost it because he broke the chain. Whereas in Srilanka, Wasodaya Wishywashysekhara lost his wife 51 days after receiving the message. He failed to circulate the message. However, before his death, he received 4,555,000 rupees.

    Please send twenty copies and see what happen in four days. The chain comes from Canberra and has written by Ian McAnnister the former South Australian Wicketkeeper with aboriginal connections. Since the copy must tour the Indian cricketing faternity, you must make twenty copies and send them to various State cricket boards and their representatives. After a few days you will get a surprise. This is true, even if you are not a cricketer or are not superstitious.

    Do note the following: Michael Vaughan received this chain in 2005. He asked his secretary to make 20 copies and send them out. A few months later he won the Ashes! Graham Thorpe got the message and forgot that it had to leave his hands in 96 hours. He lost his place In the England side. Later, after finding that message again, He mailed twenty copies. A few days later he got a better job - a coaching assignment with Western Australia.

    Darren Gough received the message and, not believing - threw the message away. Nine days later the Aussies punished him for 72 runs in 8 overs. In 2005, The message, also recieved by Shane Warne, courtesy Kevin Peiterson, was very faded and barely readable. He promised himself that he would retype the message and send it on, But he set it aside to do it later. Warne was later plagued with various problems, including sex scandals and divorce papers. The letter did not leave his hands within 96 hours. He finally typed the letter as promised and got 40 wickets in the recently concluded Ashes.

    Good Luck mait. But please remember: 20 copies of this message must leave your hands in 96 hours... You must not sign on this message...



    By Blogger rk, at 10:49  

  • prasad: ".you would constitute as an ideal cricket player for."?
    whatu trying to say?

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 10:51  

  • SG arguably already owns half of Calcutta. He does not need the money. ANy sportsman anywhere wants to win for his country. Given the oft-repeated charge that SG is lazy why would SG want to do a million jumping jacks a day and listen to GC's confidence-shatterring crap, then deal with a cranky media, deal with the hatred of fans of ex-cricketers? Its about winning for your country. There's no greater joy than that. As an aside, if it was SRT we were talking about.. everybody jumping up and down about his patriotism.

    Indian cricket captaincy is not for the Lily-livered...and that's why RD will fail at it ...but we may have no choice now.

    By Blogger Prasad, at 10:58  

  • Worma,

    I concur with what globalsoul said about yout work.
    Your Balance and Calm is good for this blog particularly while sailing through Trouble Waters.

    By Blogger CrickTip, at 11:00  

  • Prasad: Granted SG comes from a very well to do family and certainly might own half of cal. for that matter, but money is something which none of us can ever have" Enough" of, one example that comes to mind straight off is that of jadeja, if i am not mistaken he was from a very rich and influential background as well?, ganguly stands to lose a lot if stripped of his captaincy and his place in the team, he has one of the most lucrative ad contracts in the market(of course no where as close to SRT), and any rational human being no matter how rich he/she is wud think twice about losing 5-10 crores a yr!, as far as bringing SRT into the picture, i have always admired SRT's skills on the playing field, but he is a professional and acts like one,,,, and patriotism has nothing to do with cricket, its a professional sport, players are paid to perform, please don’t equate patriotism with professionalism in cricket. Goin on the front and taking a bullet for a cause is patriotic not winning the world cup!

    By Blogger sherine, at 11:11  

  • hey guys, thanks for the supporting words.

    and rk, you cracked me up :-))...I'm suspiscious you really create some of those good luck emails floating around ;-)

    By Blogger worma, at 11:16  

  • Prasad:
    Not sure how you came up with the hypothesis that Dravid is lily-livered. The Aussies consider him one the toughest cricketer that they have played against (that is John Wright's quote printed in the media and not mine), and that coming from the Aussies is some compliment. While everybody has their own opinion and they are rightly entitled to it, I've noticed a thread of thought that Dravid is unfit for captaincy. He has not been given enough opportunities to judge him. The few times that he has, has generally been at the last minute when Ganguly has been "injured". Considering that he has had no Godfather in the BCCI, that he has had to put with the likes of the Rungtas who kept him out of the ODI team, I would say that he is tough mentally and physically to survive in the team for so long. Nobody is doubting Ganguly's patriotism or his will to play for his country. He may own the whole of Calcutta and he may definitely not be doing this for money, but at the end of the day, it comes down to performance. The issues that bave been cited against Ganguly such as his lack of fitness, poor fielding skills, poor running between the wickets etc, have been around and the media has been writing about it. But so long as he performed and the team won (not based solely on his performance), these were glossed over. Now that he has suffered a prolonged slump, these issues become more glaring. Ganguly may be peeved that he has been asked to relingquish his captaincy, but he has to be true to himself and figure out a way to get out of this slump.

    By Blogger rn1, at 11:16  

  • Yacrik..Let me explain ...you would constitute as an ideal Indian cricket player for Greg Chappell's philosophy which is:

    1. "My way or the highway".

    2. "Differing opinion will constitute as dissent and against team spirit and grounds for dismissal from team".

    3. "Let's all be reasonable and do it MY way".

    4. "Your strengths do not matter at all but your weaknesses will be counted against you".

    5. "If i tell you to step down as captain before a test match.. you MUST".

    6. "Contrary to popular opinion Selectors don't matter and are a bunch of jokers... if you have questions about thhis ask Mohinder AMarnath".

    Got it ?

    By Blogger Prasad, at 11:19  

  • I hope Ranbir frequents this blog, i am sure he could use that letter:-)

    By Blogger sherine, at 11:27  

  • rn1. I knew somebody would raise that point. No doubt RD has great cricketing skills but that has to do with absorbing ON-field, cricketing pressures. He's obviously streets ahead of SG. But, I think he's too soft off-field where he will have to take a lot of crap from a lot of people. My theory has always been that SG ingesting all the crap all sorts of people for the last 5 years has allowed for better performances by otehrs. However, that obviously should not be the sole reason to keep SG in the team. He has to average 35-40 in a game. I'll wager a quid RD won't last as captain till WC'07. But there's only one way to find out and that is by giving RD the captaincy for the ODI team. IMO, SG should be made to relinquish ODI captaincy forthwith and played as a supersub so that obviates his weakness in fielding. Question for the selectors is can SG STILL win matches for India. I think the man deserves a chance to find out for himself whether he can still win matches for India. I am confident that if he does not perform after the SL series he will happily go out of the team knowing his skills are diminished. I don't think he will stand in the way of India's success in the WC.

    By Blogger Prasad, at 11:35  

  • prasad:
    GC has a certain non negotiables. batting style, technique arent a few of those.
    discipline, fielding and fitness are those things. looks like SG was way off on that. he has reason to be pissed about those.
    moreover, SG went to the media with his personal problems! Thats betrayal.
    Read the cricinfo article by samit bal. it sums up things very well.


    i tend to agree with his opinion.

    By Blogger criclogic, at 11:35  

  • worma,

    Thanks for the compliment. I posted the article from India cricket fever. So due credit shud go to the poster there.

    By Blogger rk, at 11:41  

  • The carnage has started in cal. Burning effigies in progress:-),,,wonder if they will consider burning effigies of dalmiya in the marathwada region if pawar loses:-)

    By Blogger sherine, at 11:55  

  • Criclogic,

    I was going to post the link of the same article. I agree with Sambit Bal.

    Chappell has given just 2-3 interviews to the media. Earlier what we were reading was his vision and plans which he had put in front of his interviewing committee. If that part of the interview was made public, its not Chappell's fault at all.

    Secondly the modern day game is moving very fast. If we don't catch up with these methods, tomorrow even Bangladesh will be ahead of us.

    Thirdly, Ganguly thrashing Murali and co? The person who could not take one single run in 6 consecutive overs of a Zimbabwe left arm spinner, Debengwa, is supposed to thrash Murali?

    You all must be kidding yourselves!!

    By Blogger Chandan, at 12:03  

  • To each his own, people have their opinions and i respect that, but sometimes you come across some posts which you have to read atleast 2wice, came across this one right now:-)
    "From an Indian Cricket Lover:
    Before jumping on to sack Dada please analyse these points, then think for a while and then only jump to a conclusion.
    Something important about Mr. Greg Chappel: Does anybody know that when Greg was the captain of Australia, in a match against New Zealand he asked his brother Trevor to bowl underarm at the last bowl to win the match in a unfair way. Also after his joining Greg went on to comment about the great Sachin Tendulkar that he is no more the force. Who the hell is he to comment about Sachin? Does he even have half the records of Sachin? Even Saurav Dada has better records as compared to Greg. Greg is a TRAITOR. Saurav has asked the BCCI to select Greg and now Greg has backstabbed him. So how can such a man be trusted ever? These white men have always tried to divide us and rule. They should be stopped immedialtely and Greg should be sacked with immediate effect. Also please check that Greg has never before trained any country's national side before coming to India. According to a news channel even the great Steve Waugh had advised us to select Tom Moody. Mohinder Amarnath a part of the World Cup winning team of 1983 would be a better coach anyday than Greg. "

    P:S: Traitor in caps:-)

    By Blogger sherine, at 12:08  

  • criclogic, I have read that article by Sambit Bal where he says "Sourav Ganguly, if he believed he commanded a place in the team, can't be faulted for feeling incensed at the suggestion from the man appointed to help him with his job that he didn't belong. He would have been within his rights to rail and remonstrate, and indeed take up the matter strongly with the board. Yet he felt compelled and emboldened by a century against the softest bowling attack in the world cricket to let the world know that his feat was achieved against great odds. God knows what was he trying to achieve? Gain public sympathy? Turn the tables on Chappell? Precipitate action from the board? "

    SO, Laxman can talk about the pressure he faces within the dressing room as he did a day before and about his own state of mind and SG is supposed to be docile and quiet.
    Did you see the interview with Harsha Bhogle when this came out. BTW, I saw the entire interview as it happened. After SG left, Gavasskar and Harsha Bhogle did not express any surprise over his remarks it was like they knew about it already..it was not at all a bombshell as reported in the media. It was as if everybody around the ground seemed to know about it beforehand. How did I deduce it? Because Www. Willow.tv where I watched the match happens to keep the cameras rolling during breaks. HWen asked by HB, SG did not thump his chest or anything and just replied in the affirmative when questioned whether he was asked to step down. All in all SG should have just said "No comment". But I would not castigate him as much as he has. He was asked a question and he answered it. He probably should not have.
    Wow..we sure love straight talking Aussies but we want our Indians to be subservient.

    By Blogger Prasad, at 12:08  

  • hey prasad

    i watched it on willow tv as well and that is exactly the impression i got. i am glad that you brought this up, good point.

    By Blogger globalsoul, at 12:13  

  • ...just to chip in on this debate...since I prefer to just watch the SG debates these days :-)...so briefly....the issue in Indian cricket is not due to what SG said in that interview (or press conference or wherever)....this situation would have come independent of this answer there.

    Or do you think GC would not have had a problem with his attitude and fitness and his scheming and plotting within team members if he had not said 'yes' to that answer.

    By Blogger worma, at 12:18  

  • Thanks global soul. Yes, sadly I know this apparent lack of surprise by the interviewers about this supposed "bombshell" is not mentioned in any article.

    Sambit Bal's jaundiced views are well known.

    By Blogger Prasad, at 12:19  

  • there is no question of bening subservient. i would totally support ganguly in what he did in 2001 series against the aussies. and i dont approve of the western media when they pass off judgement with preconceived biases.
    but this is not a case of nationality. chappell has a job on hand. he has a vision and he has made his non-negotiables clear.

    even regarding the issue of asking to be stepped down.. wasnt it ganguly who went to chappell for an opinion.

    secondly, how would chappell feel if all of his confidential conversations are leaked to the media one way or other.

    ganguly shouldnt have mentioned "i was asked to stepped down" in an interview. period. thats betreyal and its much worse off an offense than being frank or probably making unreasonable demands of stepping down..

    i cant see how ganguly isnt guilty in the whole episode. chappell can be only called guily of poor communication skills and leadership style. but gangulys offense goes beyond that.

    when the whole nagpur incident occured, sachin and RD didnt go to the media explaining what had happened. when wright was pissed at SG he didnt go tot the media. even wright had written a few reports againts ganguly. they were not leaked.

    i donno man. its dificult to change my opinion on this topic. and looks like you have made up your mind as well. so there is no point in convincing each other.

    By Blogger criclogic, at 12:20  

  • What will happen in Sep27th review meeting ? Ranabir,Jaggu,Nair will back SG.
    Other three :Sunny,Shastri,Venkat ?

    Sunny G will back SG : He never wanted GC as coach .He was against when GC was elected as the coach . One reason: 1980-81 India tour of Australia ,Sunny was the Indian captain and Greg Chappel was the Australian Captain . Sunny was given out LBW to Lille in the 3rd test . Sunny thought he was not out and few words were exchanged between Sunny,GC,Lille and Sunny decided to walk out with the entire team. Sunny never forgotten that and he is not the type who forgives easily.

    Ravi Shastri Will back SG : Shastri used to be a strong critic of SG . But now he changed and become soft because of business interest. That is one of the reasons he is in the review committee...and was in the panel while electing the coach….. Courtesy SG & Dalmiya.Shastri in turn helped SG in getting the Glamorgan contract using his contacts.

    Venkat : He is the only genuine and neutral guy in this gang . But again ..He is in the review committee courtesy Sunny G . Venkat is always grateful to sunny one way or the other and he openly mentions that.

    It’s forgone conclusion that it will be 6-0 to SG. More likely GC will resign and SG will give up captaincy after some time.
    Solution to all these mess bring back the gentleman John Wright: back as coach and make the good man Rahul as captain.

    By Blogger PODI, at 12:20  

  • prasad: GC is the coach and cannot possibly have any ulterior motives. SG OTOH, has an ulterior motive to
    continue as captain. why is he so upset not to be the captain? he can continue to play if he adds value
    to the team..

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 12:22  

  • worma, to answer your question,
    i believe, that had ganguly not gone to the press, chappell would have had a reason to believe that there is room to work with because he was offering his honest suggestions. but by going public, he drew the battle lines whih probably made him conclude, not only SGs attitude sucks, but its impossible to improve at least in a time frame that he thinks is necessary.

    chappell can be guilty of bad communication style, but he isnt guilty of politicising the issue. and by first politicising it he lost whatever goodwill he had with chappell and thats why the email.
    thats my conclusion. but then who knows. we should ask GC what was his rationale behind it

    By Blogger criclogic, at 12:23  

  • @criclogic
    it doesnt take a chappell to see all that is wrong with Ganguly
    we cud all see his shortcomings - both as batsman and captain
    GC has decided to take him on and that is good.
    im sure JW tried several times to make him see the light - but SG clearly bossed over him
    With GC that is not going to be so easy

    By Blogger GK, at 12:26  

  • Why is JD in the review comitte? he should not be there.. he is a ghost from the past.
    The RCM(review comitte meeting) looks like a farce so far - unless people come there with an open mind and not with a hidden agenda.
    In fact, SMG should not be there as well - it should be Kapil Dev and SRT - the individuals that have contributed
    the most to Indian cricket.
    The RCM should represent someone from a players union (Kumble can do that), BCCI president, RJS, SRT and Kapil Dev
    and the coach. Others have no place there.
    Venkat - no comment on him;

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 12:28  

  • It's very clear GC is going to do what is right or get out of here.
    He is the man for the job! Nobody should be like Wright - always subtle hint in the media interview
    about his ideas not being implemented; but stil hung onto the job.
    He kept saying VVS is one of the top 3 - but was unable to keep him in the ODI side.
    mediocre Yuvraj kept going - even got to the Test side. his "accomplishments" are there for the world to see.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 12:31  

  • Worma, GC has valid points no question but that does not mean he does a hatchet job by undermining the skill sets of people. He cannot make an SG or VVS into a Kaif. Never going to happen. I thought he should be accentuating the positive skill set i nthese players. History will show that teams with a fair sprinkling players in their early thirties win world cups (except WC75 perhaps). I am curious to know why GC wrote to such a long e-mail only about SG to the board. Did the board ask for it ? If it was a Team Progress report then why did he not mention anything about the progress (or regreess) of other players. The next series is only at the end of october. Why the rush ? He could have submitted the entire report when he got back. There is more to this story than meets the eye. I think GC wants the end game right here, right now.

    By Blogger Prasad, at 12:31  

  • I think GC has the full backing of official BCCI - it's the just the vested interests within it who might
    be working against him.
    the latest leak was known/approved by GC; they wanted to make SG look stupid. If your coach
    calls you "mentally unfit" - either you quit or have the coach fired.
    If they continue to work together - it would be the greatest mysteries of all time.
    you might be able to explain away the poor form of Sehwag in ODIs, but not this.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 12:35  

  • In as much as a blog is more sharing of opinions than information, we (including yours truly) are all wasting our time and energy - this blog is not going to change the course of Indian cricket - i dont think that the powers that be are even aware of it. What do all the participants take away from the involvement? Near zilch addition to their cricketing knowledge, wasted time that could have been better utilized and not to mention the frayed tempers that are carried over to ones near and dear. And then I think of since when did Indians become optimal resource utilizers - addas are a very basic part of our existence. Finding ways to shirk work is a national hallmark.

    By Blogger Gardhabh, at 12:35  

  • As of today.. All the contents of the e-mail and and the points made therof are speculation.. how many in the press have actually seen the mail for us to know what the contents are...
    GC is well within his rights as coach to inform/advice the BCCI as to who are the players to keep the faith with and who to discard.
    Gangs overplayed his cards when he went public with a private discussion between him and his coach.
    As things stand now, we have no clue as to who is in the right and who erred.

    By Blogger SHRI, at 12:36  

  • Hi All,
    If this is a CALCUTTA faction Vs. BOMBAY faction, it seems that SRT the great would be the next to lead. That is, if the great SG is chucked out by the new BCCI. That is if Pawar faction wins.

    That is when I stop typing the that is part. That is... oh anyway:)

    Thanks for the tabloidish links. Cant remember I was so excited with cricket after Ashes and then all this happens.

    By Blogger amar, at 12:36  

  • Prasad,

    GC is known to be Temperamental. That is not the quality when you look for a coach. But SG was warned about the same before but he insisted on GC and now got it coming ..

    By Blogger PODI, at 12:37  

  • wc07: england has a very good chance, and if age is a factor, then i feel majority of the team will be borderline 29-30 with a few extremes either ways (the joneses, bell pietersen on the younger side and tresco, vaughan,and the wheely bin(giles)on the older side)but this is not bad since they have flintoff, harmison in the middle! of course, all this is hypothetical and dunno if their current form will prevail but it sure does look like a good mix of youth and experience!wonder what the make up of the Indian side wud be like!

    By Blogger sherine, at 12:44  

  • Just for laughs


    By Blogger SHRI, at 12:49  

  • Crilogic ABout this whole Nagpur business.. as was reported much later Ganguly was found to have a problem with his hip due to hwich he als missed the Bombay test. So, let's *assume* SG did not feel mentally fit to take on aussieso n gereen wicket or say he was not genuinely physically fit .. I think we should feel good that on that day he was honest that he was not a 100 % fit (physically or mentally is not improtant.. both are signficant contributors if you want to believe conventional wisdom as I do) and ..he thought somebody else could do a better job than him... in this case kaif who was the topscorer in the first innings. Would you rather SG have played when he is not sure he is fully fit. How does that make you a great team player. Now, with Zim, he is trying to get back in form and he is definitely physically fit to play.. mental thing was probably up in the air which showed in the slowness of the century. So, he thinks he still can play and perform...so shouldn't accept this too. Don't we accept it when SRT does not play because he is not fully fit. WHy do we question SG's motives. We all know his weaknesses. The question is does he have any strengths left to win matches for India as a player ? I prefer to think the jury is still out on that.

    By Blogger Prasad, at 12:49  

  • its not a question of taking SG on facevalue. from what i hear, it wasnt a simple injury case and dravid and ganguly had a big fight during that match. now i dont think RD is a kind of a person to accuse anyone of anything, but he called ganguly a coward. thats what his exact words are. and ganguly pulled out of the match 10 mins before without sighting any incident which could have caused the injury. and since then he has lost respect of a few members

    By Blogger criclogic, at 12:53  

  • criclogic....I find it really difficult to believe that GC would have been ok with SG had he not brought this issue out in public. You mean all that strong words, those 6 points...those extreme judgment etc came because of SG's remark in media? I mean surely he wouldn't have been any fitter, any less mentally/physically unfit, he would still have been creating a rift in the team etc etc ?

    IMO this would still have happened...if not this way then through the review committee meeting (which was anyway planned) which is happening on 27th, as fixed already. In fact, atleast to me, its not clear why GC had to send an email at all, when he was going to be there in this meeting? Unless there is something that we dont know...for example...some background decisions, actions etc were planned which GC thought should be dont in light of what he had to say.

    By Blogger worma, at 12:53  

  • @prasad
    what happened at nagpur was much more than what you think

    By Blogger GK, at 12:55  

  • @worma
    There is nothing wrong in sending an email. By that he must have sought to prepare the grounds for what he was going to say at the RCM

    By Blogger GK, at 12:57  

  • rpm,
    Agree with you on two camps theory. So who is the leader of the opposite camp? Dravid is closest to Ganguly. We don't have to go far back, during the latest incident, it was reported that Ganguly packed his bags and ran to Dravid and we all know what his role was. Does anyone think that leader of the opposition can behave like that? If Chappell is talking about factions, it's probably the players against HIM and the players who have agreed to obey his orders.

    Since you have the example of SG playing 6 consecutve maiden overs to the Zim spinner, how can he thrash Murali, let me ask you this. Isn't it like saying since SRT was troubled in the past by the like of Ray Price, so how can he thrash Warne?

    As I have said it yesterday, if Ganguly had to go, it should be on the cricketing grounds. Don't blame the guy for destroying team spirit, creating divide and rule scenario just because GC has 'supposedly' mentioned it unless there's any proof to it. How much do we know about GC to say that he only has the Indian interest in heart? He may be the one who is dividing the team since he wants absolute control and didn't expect the majority of the players so respectful towards their captain.

    By Blogger Jai, at 12:58  

  • gk, yes there is nothing wrong in sending an email. I was just wondering what extra that would achieve if he had to face the same committee meeting anyways. And anyway, I dont expect any 'decisions' to be taken then and there in that meeting, for which he had to send a preperatory email.

    By Blogger worma, at 13:01  

  • jai,
    on cricketing grounds SG doesnt deserve a place in the indian team for sure.
    he doesnt deserve a place because he is the worst fielder (barring AN maybe) in the team. his batting doesnt merit a place either and his leadership qualities have eroded.
    secondly i disagree that a person shouldnt be dropped for harming team spirit etc. thats more of a reason to drop a person. and if you believe RD is close to SG, I am not sure thats totally true.
    nehow, lets see what decision is made. i believe that as prem says, SG will stay in the team and lose his captaincy

    By Blogger criclogic, at 13:01  

  • Does anyone care for a translated version of Anandabazar's latest report? Otherwise, it will appear on 'The Telegraph' anyway in another 6-7 hours. Apparently, GC told the selectors a lot of negative things about SG during the selection meeting before the Zimbabwe tour that shocked More & Co. !!!!!!!

    By Blogger Jai, at 13:02  

  • jai: GC was not desparate to get the job; he clearly said my way or no way; that is the reason he did not
    get the job last time. this time around he has the backing of BCCI to do what he wants. but the
    selectors are not doing the job right - he might be trying to influence the selectors thru BCCI higher

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 13:03  

  • worma,
    we dont know why chappell sent an email. but to pick on him for writing an email is geting into nitty gritties.
    how is this for an explanation: chappell wanted the team to mull over the suggestions before coming to the meeting because they were radical in nature and he didnt want them to be shocked to hear those things. secondly he wanted to put his doubts in writing.

    By Blogger criclogic, at 13:03  

  • @jai
    Dravid is a true gentleman. When Ganguly ran to him he had to do his best given the situation. Which was back Ganguly till the end of the tour. RD was SGs best friend. He no longer is. We know what happened to their friendship after Nagpur. It seems they did not speak a word to each other for months, RD called SG a coward to his face etc.

    How can u not blame SG for creating divides in the team ? Aren't the divides patently obvious ? They were much before GC was selected. They were there during JWs last year. This might sound repetitive but a lot of the problems in Indian cricket can be traced back to Nagpur. WHen the history of Indian cricket is written 50 years down the line Nagpur 2004 will be the most significant chapter after the match-fixing saga.

    By Blogger GK, at 13:04  

  • criclogic...yeah dude...that email was anyway not the main focus of my comment anyways...the main issue was GC's action...and the role that SG's going to public played in it all.

    By Blogger worma, at 13:08  

  • criclogic,
    Don't get so excited to reply. Kindly read the post carefully before you reply. Where did I say that if the person is harming team spirit, no action should be taken? All I am saying is that you or anyone else shouldn't jump into conclusions about SG harming team spirit just because GC has 'supposedly' mentioned it in his email. GC is not quoting from Geeta or Bible here. Why not ask the Manager? Why not ask Gavaskar who was the consultant in the recent past? Ask others associated with the team. It's hard to believe that a man who has built a team along with other senior players and JW for the past 5 years is harming team spirit. My question to you guys who are backing GC is why do you believe everything that comes in the media as GC's statements? You are willing to believe someone who has been with the team for only 2 months and ridicule SG only because he's past his expiry date and you don't happen to like him anymore? That's why I say judge him NOW (till we know the actual facts) based on cricketing grounds. If you feel SG doesn't deserve a place in the team based on that, I can understand your pov. But I can't certainly understand when you guys are willing to believe all the stuffs that GC have to say.

    By Blogger Jai, at 13:09  

  • yacrick,
    Last time around he didn't get the get because the price he asked. Read umpteen stories about it. You can probably check with Prem too.

    By Blogger Jai, at 13:11  

  • GK,
    I doubt you know everything. Even if I agree with your claim about what you say have happened in Nagpur, their friendship goes a long way to get affected by a small incident like this. Since then, I have read plenty of stuffs in the media that suggest they are still very close. The latest example was SG discussing in details with RD after he got to know about the email. SG was not supposed to go to Victoria Falls. He went there on RD's insistence. RD is a gentleman, everyone agrees. All I am saying is that if he was leading the other group, he will just keep quiet and avoid SG. I don't think you can say categorically that they are no longer friends due to Nagpur test unless you can provide something that happened recently.

    By Blogger Jai, at 13:17  

  • Jai continuing your point about team spirit..why not ask players also...and while they are at it ask tehm whether they enjoy working with GC as coach ?

    By Blogger Prasad, at 13:22  

  • SG gets unwarranted credit for the team success in the past; most of it have come because of individual
    brilliance of certain players - VVS and HS in 2001, Kaif and Yuvraj for the natwest final,
    SRT and bowlers in the WC2003, Dravid , Sehwag later.
    None of the succes was built on team spirit or performance. SG's individual contribution has been highly
    questionable to say the least.
    it is pity, it takes a Chappel or yacrik to see what is wrong. a lot of folks don't want to see SG's hoodwink for
    whatever reason.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 13:22  

  • a lot of players are lazy and want the status quo; why do we want ask a bunch of folks who sit just above
    BD and ZIM in the rankings?

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 13:24  

  • @jai
    well if they indeed are friends SG should *gracefully* (something he has never shown recently not even in his off-drives) hand over the captaincy to RD - and give him full co-operation - not like Azhar and Sachin. That is the best way he can redeem himself and it will be the best thing to happen for indian cricket.

    By Blogger GK, at 13:24  

  • if you look at SG's overall wc2003 record - 3 100s and a lot of runs - not too bad at all.
    but please don't be superficial and dig a little deeper and see where his runs came from:

    SG's contribution in WC2003:
    9,24,19,0,48,3,24 : against Test class teams Aus, Eng, Pak, NZ
    112,107,11 : against Namibia and another non-test team (Kenya or Holland)

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 13:30  

  • GK.. lots of things are said . can we attest to the veracity of anything at all unteil and unless we have heard it oursleves .
    This from Hindustan Times "Even Rahul Dravid, who benefits most from Ganguly's sacking, does not seem to want to lead in a messy situation like this. Dravid feels "he (Ganguly) has done a lot for the team", something that "I couldn't have done when we were in the rebuilding process".
    Will you believe this or that "it *seems* he called him a coward to his face"??

    By Blogger Prasad, at 13:33  

  • jai,
    as long as believing GC and SG is concerned.
    GC has played it very straight. didnt go the media. communicated directly with ganguly and with board officials.

    it was GS who went to the media and it was probably a board offical who leaked the email. so, there is more of a reason to belive GCs integrity in this issue
    moreover, GC didnt accuse SG of being characterless. SG made such remarks according ABP.

    By Blogger criclogic, at 13:33  

  • GK,
    LOL. Now that's an alltogether different subject. In fact, he was supposed to do just that till GC changed all his plans. Now of course it's a prestige issue. Let me tell you that all these fans who are asking for SG's 'graceful' exit etc. will call him names and pat GC once he voluntarilly resigns. It will appear like GC made him resign. That's why I say that although SG committed a blunder by admitting to the press, but GC also played an equally important role in the whole mess. SG was on his way out anyway, if not immediately, probably within another two series. Now with all these, even if SG goes, GC will find it hard to handle some of the boys. Then he will ask for their heads, so they wiil go. We will be left with a big name coach and a bunch of obedient players who are physically fit, but what about results on the cricket field?

    By Blogger Jai, at 13:34  

  • prasad,
    you can believe what you want to believe. but from what i hear, (now noone has recroded conversations in nagpur dressing room), and from what prem says, its a public knowledge that a very bitter incident happened bet rd and SG.
    will that make RD to be bitter about all SG has done - no. but will he be sceptical of SG;s motivations and cause for the team from then onwards - probably yes.

    again, i do believe that SG did a great job for indian cricket. but he has passed his expiry date and he should quit or should be removed

    By Blogger criclogic, at 13:36  

  • HELP please.
    I believe Chappel had identified the CORE players and UPCOMING players in his presentation.

    Who were the CORE players? Does anyone know? Was Gangyly included or excluded?

    By Blogger CrickTip, at 13:37  

  • criclogic,
    I have no problems with your admiration for GC, but you can't take parts of the media reports to suit your belief. Before SG admitted it to the media, there was leaks. SG didn't have to tell the details, the media asked him whether the news is true or not and he said yes. Now how did media know about this? After that, it's all GC who hogged the media limelight. I agree with worma that he's spending too much time communicating with the media. Ganguly didn't read any signed document to the media, GC did. So you can't say GC didn't use the media at all, he definitely did. There was statements like 'It's either Sourav or me' and then there was denial. I agree once again that SG shouldn't have acknowledged it in the first place, but to say that GC didn't play any role in this is far from the truth imo. SG's comments was not more than 'Yes, I was asked to step down' and something like he doesn't want to name the person.

    GC has maintained silence since the email story leaked out. If you believe Anandabazar who has initially broke the news, GC was all along aware that it's going to come out in the media. Now since I don't believe everything that appears in the media, I'll let this one pass. But I am not choosing selective stories suit my belief.

    By Blogger Jai, at 13:46  

  • jai,
    would you constitute leaking of the email as "politics on chappell's part" r "betreyal on board's part".

    By Blogger criclogic, at 13:58  

  • "The captain has a big role. It is important to keep the boys' confidence high and to keep one's faith in them. I try to give my support to the youngsters because nobody comes in as a world beater. Okay, some rare cricketers score a century on debut, but that doesn't mean the rest are not good enough. We have to give them more opportunities, which was not there when I started out. Captaincy these days is more off the field than on the field."
    Sourav Ganguly quotes
    Kind of a contradiction dont you think giving support, esp. the test matches in zimb and kaif,,,, i am merely speculating!

    By Blogger sherine, at 14:03  

  • Also rare cricketers scoring a century on debut! wasn't gangs one of the rare ones:-)

    By Blogger sherine, at 14:04  

  • Neither till I know the complete picture. When I wrote that Chappell was aware of the email becoming puclic, it meant that he knew about it beforehand. Again, this is not my interpretation, but Anandabazar's. One may ask why a vern daily? Good point. I don't have an answer. That's why I am not going to speculate anything. But I won't give GC a clean chit like some people are doing and assume that SG is harming team spirit etc. based on GC's reports.

    By Blogger Dadagiri, at 14:04  

  • criclogic,
    It is hard to say and go one way or the other based on what appearing on the media.

    By Blogger Jai, at 14:06  

  • Dadagiri,
    Have you got the translated version of Anandabazar's report? Can you put it up here?

    By Blogger Jai, at 14:10  

  • The Board, having invested in Chappell, are likely to back him and sack the captain - if not immediately, perhaps after one more ODI series.

    “Chappell needs to be backed to the hilt”, said one senior decision-maker. “He has the moral high ground and there is no reason to even pull him up, forget about sacking him.”

    Something concrete will come out of the review, said another senior board functionary. “The board feels that things have really gone out of hand. This meeting won’t be a eye-wash. A significant decision is expected,” he said.
    “We have to consider public mass sentiment too. The public sees the present conflict as Sourav being negative to save his place and Greg being positive to show results,” says a senior board official.

    If Ganguly does have some support, it is within the team. The mid-level players, for various reasons, are with their captain - the man chiefly responsible for their rise. But it is not so much out of any loyalty as the fact that Chappell has trod on their egos.

    His straight-talking has cut to size one dashing left-hander - “You have a long way to go” - and a key batsman, who was told, “You can have all the talent in the world but it’s no use if you don’t convert 40s into big scores”.
    One former cricketer close to the team believes Sehwag has his eyes on the captaincy, and so wants Ganguly to stay for the rest of the season. By 2006-07 Dravid - 34 at the end of that season - will be deemed too old to be the long-term successor.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 14:25  

  • I have been saying this for a while : Sehwag is taking sides to make sure he will get the captaincy fairly quickly
    it seems to be the case

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 14:26  

  • Yackrik, who is the senior board official? How does he know public sentiment? How do you know of Sehwag's motives? Can you back it up? Or these are just lazy conspiracy theories which fit into your worldview? How can a captain be sacked after a test series win when he himself scored a century? GC is playing a group of players against the others. He seems to me the one engaging in divide and rule

    By Blogger bouncer, at 14:53  

  • Prasad:
    By outside pressures, I'm assuming you are referring to the BCCI, since I'm sure by now Dravid is probably used to the media pressure. The BCCI has proved that it will leave no stone unturned to get its way. If a politician like Pawar could be stymied, I don't think any cricket player or mere mortal could hope to deal with them. Ganguly, if media reports are to be believed, enjoys a rapport with Dalmiya and I'm assuming that has helped him deal with the BCCI. Assuming Ganguly goes, the question will then be, who in the current crop enjoys the patronage of some bigwig in the BCCI? As you mention, Dravid may well nigh decide that the pressures of captaincy are not to his liking, he may give it up, or the mantle may be snatched from him at the BCCI's whim. As for Ganguly giving up his ODI captaincy, conventional wisdom has been that the ODI games are his forte and his performances there helped him hold on to his captaincy in the test matches. Keeping him as the captain for the tests and not in the one days is not an option. either he stays as captain of both teams or of neither team. As for the SL series, I'm not sure what the selectors (and their bosses) have in mind. For all we now, he might have been told that if he did not perform in the Pak series, that would be his last series. And given the recent turn of events, he cannot be honestly told that the SL series will be his last and if he does not perform, he will be let go, that will just lead to another media circus.

    By Blogger rn1, at 15:53  

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