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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Ind-Zim T2 Day1 Open Thread

Right...so here comes India's chance to get a series win. Not much news about the actual game preparations doing the rounds, but SG did say the pitch looks dry and India would play the same team(2 spinners). He could be bluffing, for Curran said that the pitch would assist seamers, and isn't one to the liking of the Indians(or maybe Curran is trying to play mindgames).

For Zim, if this pitch really has any help for any seamers, it could be a chance to gain a modest advantage if they bowl first on winning the toss, with Streak being fitter than the last match.

..open thread for the day....

p.s. Did you see the Aus squad for the superseries? Some predictable, and some surprise changes. All in all, they look to be starting their experimentation with the new insertions right away. Martyn is dropped from the tests, which, though a bit surprising, is a good decision on part of CA. While he did look more comfortable than Hayden and Gilchrist (and even Katich) at the crease, the application was most noticeably missing in his game. Hodge takes his place in the middle order.

Hayden again dropped from ODI squad, which should almost be the end of his ODI prospects. He was anyway never indispensable in ODIs, and recently even more pedestrian. Gillespie and Kasper also not retained, but Hohns did say they have a chance of making a comeback if they improve.


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    By Blogger Wayne Hairston, at 03:35  

  • Hi Worma,
    SG has decided to bowl first... Looks like the right move to me

    By Blogger Yeda_Yakub, at 03:41  

  • yeda...yes but I dont understand...if the pitch is seam friendly then why play two spinners?

    By Blogger worma, at 03:44  

  • ..or maybe the thinking is to play their best 4 bowlers..

    By Blogger worma, at 03:44  

  • Prolly bcoz if it is seam friendly, IP himself is enuf against Zim... and if it is not seam friendly.. v have the spin duo :-)

    By Blogger Yeda_Yakub, at 03:46  

  • Zim has added Mwayenga in... whats he? a spinner ?

    By Blogger Yeda_Yakub, at 03:47  

  • yes that can be another reason :-)...Curran said that he did not think IP bowled that well, and that his batsmen did not play well enough. Lets see if they have done some homework. Btw Zim playing 3 seamers.

    By Blogger worma, at 03:48  

  • Has the telecast started? Those who are watching the match...

    By Blogger Dadagiri, at 03:48  

  • He's a seamer, test debut for him. I was thinking they would play Ireland, who was fairly impressive in the ODIs

    By Blogger worma, at 03:49  

  • Zim has added Mwayenga in... whats he? a spinner ?

    Does it really matter ?? :)

    By Blogger Kansultant, at 03:49  

  • Kansultant, good morning. Any more breaking news? :)

    By Blogger Dadagiri, at 03:51  

  • Kans,
    It does... SG will have to face him ... and the comfort level wud b inversely proportional to the speed at which he bowls....

    Oops... I started this all again... Let me retract...

    By Blogger Yeda_Yakub, at 03:52  

  • Gd Morning to u as well :)

    Hey, I just wrote wot I saw on TV :)

    By Blogger Kansultant, at 03:52  

  • I would assume its a flat pitch. Remember the final between NZ vs India a few days ago which was a run feast? I wouldn't think they can grow grass on it in this short interval.

    By Blogger Deepak, at 03:54  

  • Rediff scorecard shows AA in the side, what is the side. If we have an unchanged 11 and have elected to bowl that means either we got our team composition wrong on we have got the decision on toss wrong. I think if zim can wether the intial storm of Ip and ZK to some extent they have a great chance, assuming we are playing an unchanged 11. Even on the helpful track at bulawayo the spinners could not really make an impact on the 1st day and remember we got Coventry wicket free then

    By Blogger Avinash, at 03:55  

  • deepak it may not be the same pitch as the final. Because it was in Harare that Nz shot out Zim for udner 100 in both innings. That may also have been a diff pitch.

    By Blogger worma, at 04:01  

  • ZIM start with a 4.... next ball OUT

    By Blogger Ruchir Joshi, at 04:03  

  • Taylor c Dravid b Pathan

    By Blogger Ruchir Joshi, at 04:04  

  • 4/1 in 0.3

    By Blogger Ruchir Joshi, at 04:04  

  • ruchir thx mate. Cricinfo was long counting that boundary! Do give some updates when such 'events' happen :-)

    By Blogger worma, at 04:05  

  • IP magic is on

    By Blogger Yeda_Yakub, at 04:05  

  • worma:

    After I typed, sportingstreams.com lost their Sony TV feed... :-(

    By Blogger Ruchir Joshi, at 04:07  

  • ruchir sorry to hear that ;-)..now we sit in the same cricinfo boat.

    By Blogger worma, at 04:08  

  • SS back now... getting live feed

    Zaheer bowling... on target for now... one ball hit the batsman where it is painfull.... 2 balls after that, edge goes to 4...

    By Blogger Ruchir Joshi, at 04:09  

  • 8/1 after 2

    By Blogger Ruchir Joshi, at 04:10  

  • Ruchir..Some insights into the body language of the Indians would be useful

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 04:12  

  • Dada pulls the ball in right on the boundary on Yuv overthrow.... Suprise here because ganguly was not panting when he reached boundary... *just kidding)..

    By Blogger Ruchir Joshi, at 04:13  

  • Was the huddle on when the first wicket fell??

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 04:13  

  • ravi:

    Looks positive right now, as I said about dada... everyone is sharp, specially Gambhir close to the bat

    By Blogger Ruchir Joshi, at 04:14  

  • DAMN.. if last calling last 2 balls of Path a beauty is wrong... I don't want to be right....

    By Blogger Ruchir Joshi, at 04:15  

  • ravi:

    ha ha ha... huddle... I don't know 'cause Sony switched to a song immediately...

    By Blogger Ruchir Joshi, at 04:15  

  • F@#$%*.... Inside edge to 2... just missing leg stumps....

    By Blogger Ruchir Joshi, at 04:17  

  • Pathan is so positive that he did not grimace after that inside edge... he just went back and continued...

    By Blogger Ruchir Joshi, at 04:18  

  • ruchir...
    Hope the song was "Saare Jahan se achha" :))

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 04:19  

  • sorry that was Khan

    By Blogger Ruchir Joshi, at 04:19  

  • ravi:

    No man, some song from a new release... :)

    By Blogger Ruchir Joshi, at 04:20  

  • If zim survive here, and my guess is that these two and taibu are the best suited to do that then we may be in for a tricky 200 to 300 chase in the 4th innings on the 4th day. I guess it would be repeat telecast then, hopefully not. I think we are a quick short we should have played either 5 bowlers in which case I could have played AA else LB ( if fully fit) for a spinner

    By Blogger Avinash, at 04:21  

  • according to history, last test at this venue lasted only 2 days !!!! as shown on TV

    By Blogger Ruchir Joshi, at 04:21  

  • Ruchir...Khan would dare not to grimace lest everybody thinks that he is breaking down with injury;)

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 04:21  

  • ravi:


    By Blogger Ruchir Joshi, at 04:22  

  • As soon as over is complete, they started showing clips of "Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin".... so much for replays etc....

    By Blogger Ruchir Joshi, at 04:23  

  • Again, dada races the ball to boundary but this time Gambhir is quicker..... I feel SG is making a statement about his fitness here !!!!???? Did he read this blog yesterday ???

    By Blogger Ruchir Joshi, at 04:24  

  • saw SG interview - seemed anything but contrite and said he thinks he has a big part to play in the indian cricket. didn't jump and say all is fine etc. ok - floor open for SG bashing now :-)

    By Blogger Mock Turtle, at 04:25  

  • Guys... Inzi making his statements here.... rightly so IMO.


    By Blogger Yeda_Yakub, at 04:26  

  • Interesting point is that the guy has all 3 main nominations... and is in none of the world XIs

    By Blogger Yeda_Yakub, at 04:27  

  • Slightly surprising we selected only 2 fast bowlers on a pitch with bounce and a little lateral movement. Probably because, once again, nobody wants to make a difficult selectorial decision (i.e. which spinner to select over the other).

    By Blogger Sahir, at 04:27  

  • Dada explaining something very seriously to Zaheer before his last ball.... intresting thing is that Zaheer is standing still, nodding but not looking at dada....

    By Blogger Ruchir Joshi, at 04:27  

  • what happens if one of our two injury prone seamers pulls a muscle or something. i think this whole idea is wrong

    By Blogger Avinash, at 04:29  

  • comfy 3 to dada...

    By Blogger Jiet, at 04:29  

  • I hate to say this but ZIM just took 3 runs off Pathan because SG was running with the ball instead of picking it up. He ran with it till near the boundary and finally picked and threw...

    commentrator pointed that as soon as batsmen realized it was SG they increased their spped and converted 2 into 3...

    excellent shot next ball... 4 runs...

    By Blogger Ruchir Joshi, at 04:30  

  • mr.joshi, when RD said something to Pathan after the wicket, he wsa busy scratching his chin - you think we should read something into this too?

    By Blogger Mock Turtle, at 04:31  

  • yeda...in tests he isn't so impressive in Aus...and a one-off test is not the time to try out improvement. I would still play Vaughan above him (and even Laxman) in tests. In ODIs he may have a case..because although even then he doesnt have a good record in Aus, ODIs are still more generic(not that dependent on conditions etc).

    And I think if SRT doesnt play, Vaughan would be called up for tests, Inzy for ODIs.

    Btw, when Inzy and the supporters say he should find a place, none of them name the person he should replace! Do you have someone in mind?

    By Blogger worma, at 04:31  

  • 27/1 in 7... ZIM getting confortable here....

    By Blogger Ruchir Joshi, at 04:31  

  • gibbs in ODIs obvious

    By Blogger Avinash, at 04:32  

  • Guys,
    Any latest news on Sachin ? His deadline for ICC series is tom... I hope he makes the right decision... even if it is a painful one

    By Blogger Yeda_Yakub, at 04:32  

  • mock:

    No, we should not read anything.... I was just typing what I saw.... I lost feed for a while so I probably missed RD and ZK thing...

    By Blogger Ruchir Joshi, at 04:33  

  • on the leg... another 4.. off Zaheer

    By Blogger Ruchir Joshi, at 04:35  

  • "Ruchir Joshi said...
    Dada explaining something very seriously to Zaheer before his last ball.... intresting thing is that Zaheer is standing still, nodding but not looking at dada...."

    What are you implying?? Anyways,we all know ears are to the side of the face and looking at Dada when he is speaking does not help...so long as there is ear/eye coordination...where is the problem..ruchir...u have been reading too much of Ashish Shukla writeups ;)

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 04:35  

  • looks like spinners would be called into action mighty early

    By Blogger JD, at 04:36  

  • Mr.joshi : you forgot to mention the 3 runs taken when Gambhir ran after the ball.

    By Blogger Mock Turtle, at 04:36  

  • Since Zaheer is unable to bring the ball back into the right-hander, he ought to come around the wicket to Ebrahim and try to get the ball to straighten after slanting in to the right-hander.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 04:37  

  • dear worma,

    reg. Inzy selection: why would his fans single out some one who should be replaced with Inzy, lest the other person's fans raise an outcry.

    BTW, what's your take on selecting 2 spinners, when they could see a seamers pitch (the apparent reason to field first).

    By Blogger Nag, at 04:37  

  • Is ZK bowling well? My doubts here, not bcoz he is wicket less but after the 1st couple of overs he doesn’t seem to be troubling or beating the batsmen. In any case you need to string together at least 5 reasonably good balls every over and the 6th one cannot be hit me pls kind of delivery it too has too be at least not a 4 ball. Is he really doing that?

    By Blogger Avinash, at 04:37  

  • We are missing Prem and his takes from his 'reliable inside sources' here!

    By Blogger Blwe_torch, at 04:37  

  • please guys
    dont start with the SG debate agian

    and ravi wasnt it u who asked ruchir to give some body lanfuage insight :)

    By Blogger JD, at 04:37  

  • avinash, I think Gibbs has been taken in ODIs as a reserve opener (so he wont play in case SRT is playing). You have to keep the batting positions in mind too!

    Otherwise I can say that sure Inzy deserves a place above Smith in tests (Smith also doesnt have any record in Aus). But Inzy is not an opener

    By Blogger worma, at 04:37  

  • Worma,
    I am not saying that Inzy should be in the team... but since u asked that question... I might put him in ... in place of Kallis... who no longer should be considered as an all rounder... he hardly bowls effectively these days

    By Blogger Yeda_Yakub, at 04:37  

  • all this "reliable souces" is humbug. an easy way for journos to write what they want. as gavaskar said, most often, the reliable source is in their own heads

    By Blogger Mock Turtle, at 04:38  

  • mock:

    I told you I lost the feed for a while. Anyways, Gambhir is standing right under the bat and Ganguly near 30 yards line.. Do your math who has to run more to fetch the ball !!!

    By Blogger Ruchir Joshi, at 04:39  

  • Mock_turtle.....3 runs or 4...it is difficult to remove a colssus. I think everyone must have realized that.

    By Blogger Blwe_torch, at 04:39  

  • Yeda...If I understand right, Kallis has reduced his bowling to recover from some form of injury..not sure what?? Can some one add to this ?

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 04:39  

  • wasting newball these two, specially Zaheer bowling both sides mostly short no consistency . Pathan too bowling little short though he is getting shape gives time for the batsmen to leave

    By Blogger Neelan, at 04:39  

  • I also did not write that Gambhir has broken the stumps thrice and is not allowing batsman to come out of his crease...

    By Blogger Ruchir Joshi, at 04:39  

  • Colossus..I meant

    By Blogger Blwe_torch, at 04:39  

  • I can't write everything I am seeing... my typing is not that quick...

    By Blogger Ruchir Joshi, at 04:40  

  • mr.joshi : did you measure the distance and the angle of deviation of the ball as well? we must do precise match, right? ;-)

    By Blogger Mock Turtle, at 04:40  

  • math, not match

    By Blogger Mock Turtle, at 04:40  

  • JD...yup !! I forgot.Now, let's get some game insights :)

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 04:41  

  • mr.joshi, oh, your stream comes into action (or is it your keyboard?) when SG is involved?

    By Blogger Mock Turtle, at 04:41  

  • worma,
    I believe Gibbs has pulled out of the Super Series. It certainly would be an entertaining gamble to watch Sehwag-Afridi opening pair.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 04:41  

  • I agree with you mock..

    By Blogger Blwe_torch, at 04:41  

  • Awesome display of away-swingers to the left hander...Pathan has plans to bring one back into the left hander in the second innings. Maybe surprise him a bit

    By Blogger Jiet, at 04:42  

  • mock:

    you can't stop me from writing what I want to write, can you? If you get aggravated when I write about SG, then I will do more of that to aggravate you more... :)

    By Blogger Ruchir Joshi, at 04:43  

  • nag, by naming the person what I meant was that Inzy and others should point out who, in the selected list, is less deserving than Inzy? And btw, what with the 'fans raising an outcry' ? Why should he care? Or atleast, why should we, over here, care? :-) Atleast we can name the person whom he should replace?

    About the two spinners, I dont know about the pitch from here..but SG did say that it looks dry...so early movement is ok, but if it has turn and bounce, its good for spinners...and as I said earlier, they have have thought of playing their best wicket takers(maybe Balaji is also not good enough to take place in a full test, they may have seen that in nets).

    Or, it could also be a defensive move, that India did not want to bat first in helpful conditions, although this looks less likely.

    By Blogger worma, at 04:43  

  • I feel India should have played Balajee here..

    By Blogger Blwe_torch, at 04:44  

  • True worma but these days gibbs is playing as a middle order batsmen as AB opens the innings. I would get inzi in for gibbs and if SRT is not fit then I wud hunt for another opener, say jayasuriya or gayle. In any case there is always afridi and with 12 a side we could always take a gamble although him against mcgrath and lee on oz pitches is a mismatch

    By Blogger Avinash, at 04:44  

  • Sahir...My guess is that would not happen.It would be Sehwag with some other batsman.
    How was the pairing in the Afro-Asian games??

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 04:44  

  • is it still seaming out there
    if it is gang might have to do some bowling today

    By Blogger JD, at 04:44  

  • Great cathch by Laxman!

    By Blogger Sahir, at 04:44  

  • Duffin c laxman b pathan 31/2

    By Blogger Neelan, at 04:44  

  • LOL...Duffin still decides that he has to play at an away-swinger...gone to laxman at second slip

    By Blogger Jiet, at 04:45  

  • OUT

    Duffin c Lax b Pathan... taken in front of 2nd slips...

    By Blogger Ruchir Joshi, at 04:45  

  • Duffin gone. It looked like RDF's catch, VVS caught it. I am sure there would be some tension in the dressing room bcos of that :)

    By Blogger Toney, at 04:45  

  • mr.joshi, aggravate? hehe, no. fascinated by your obsession :)

    By Blogger Mock Turtle, at 04:45  

  • India plans to bat just once....so the last innings has to be played by Zim....may be thats why the 2 spinners...becoz you can expect he ball to turn on the 3rd and 4th day on this pitch.

    By Blogger Blwe_torch, at 04:45  

  • The confidence of Laxman to go in front of 1st slip and take it reminds me of the fantastic catching form Laxman was in during the last tour Down Under.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 04:46  

  • jd yes maybe Inzy should replace Kallis in ODIs. If Kallis is not going to bowl, then surely so. Infact that will most likely happen, because if Inzy replaces SRT in the ODI squad, he surely wont open(as SRT would have). So, is likely to replace someone in the middle order. And Kallis can be the one.

    By Blogger worma, at 04:46  

  • i smell conspiracy. VVS steals RD's catch to score brownie points with the coach ;-)

    By Blogger Mock Turtle, at 04:46  

  • gotto get taibu early

    By Blogger JD, at 04:47  

  • Taibu got hurt...

    By Blogger Ruchir Joshi, at 04:47  

  • Laxman is keen to prove his own fitness!...Everyone has an agenda!

    By Blogger Blwe_torch, at 04:47  

  • on the chest, below rib cage.... not a bouncer but taibu bent low...

    By Blogger Ruchir Joshi, at 04:47  

  • Taibu c Karthik b Pathan 31/3

    By Blogger Neelan, at 04:48  

  • Taibu caught behind off pathan

    By Blogger Jiet, at 04:48  

  • Taibu gone

    By Blogger Toney, at 04:48  

  • Wonderful pitched up delivery by Pathan gets Taibu's outside edge! Wicket #3

    By Blogger Sahir, at 04:48  

  • when that famous battle for middle-order starts, this catch will add some points for VVS and counter the "negative vibes"

    By Blogger Mock Turtle, at 04:48  

  • Can we get more cynical?...I hope this match is not fixed!

    By Blogger Blwe_torch, at 04:49  

  • avinash, yes Inzy is better choice than Gibbs in the middle order, although Gibbs has done well since moving down, and is ofcourse slightly better than Inzy in the field ;-)

    By Blogger worma, at 04:50  

  • Pathan is very fair though. He has given keept, 1st and 2nd slips a catch each. Hope 3rd slip is ready now

    By Blogger Toney, at 04:50  

  • Finally one that does not come in...does the trick....that was much better bowling from Pathan. Taking advantage of that blow to Taibu...following up with a ball that move away a touch.

    By Blogger Jiet, at 04:50  

  • mock...Can you elaborate..what can be those negetive vibes..like?

    By Blogger Blwe_torch, at 04:50  

  • oh, i think SG has told VVS to steal RD's catches.

    By Blogger Mock Turtle, at 04:50  

  • Zaheer really needs to learn the LBW laws!

    By Blogger Sahir, at 04:51  

  • As per my earlier comment (before the test series started), IP is in full swing. Another MOM and MOS for him...

    By Blogger madhugr, at 04:51  

  • Worma..slightly better...was that deliberate.Inzy's fielding and catching is not match for Gibbs

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 04:52  

  • but..that sounds positive..I mean stealing others catches is a positive habit!

    By Blogger Blwe_torch, at 04:52  

  • Worma..sorry..missed the ;)

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 04:52  

  • Worma,
    See I found a place for Inzy in the ODI team... Kallis is no better than him buddy... Pakistan has all the rights to protest... We will support them ...

    By Blogger Yeda_Yakub, at 04:53  

  • Wondeful catch by Karthik Ebrahim gone

    By Blogger Neelan, at 04:53  

  • i think VVS heard ppl saying that aloo gobi is better than pulihara(??) and he thought that was an indirect reference to YS being better than him.

    now DK steals another RD catch - i tell you, it is all orchestrated by SG

    By Blogger Mock Turtle, at 04:53  

  • any predictions for 1st innings score?

    By Blogger Toney, at 04:53  

  • Ravi...but Inzi has less chance of fixing a match!

    By Blogger Blwe_torch, at 04:53  

  • i think VVS heard ppl saying that aloo gobi is better than pulihara(??) and he thought that was an indirect reference to YS being better than him.

    now DK steals another RD catch - i tell you, it is all orchestrated by SG

    By Blogger Mock Turtle, at 04:53  

  • zim falling like nine pins here

    By Blogger JD, at 04:54  

  • Very true worma but we could always get under the skin of the aussies by subbing inzi after a few overs and also we could choose a runner or something for him the final ODI to get ricky started all over again. That would be fun. This over has made our life much easier, but the wuation is again should we have played 3 seamers instead of 2? Another one gone here, everyone is hell bent on snatching RD’s catches today ;-)

    By Blogger Avinash, at 04:54  

  • Great athleticism by Karthik to take that catch. However, I don't mean to be too harsh a critic, but I would have preferred a little better footwork by the keeper to his right, so such a valiant effort would not have been required.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 04:54  

  • 3 wkts on 31

    From 31/1 to 31/4

    By Blogger Neelan, at 04:54  

  • Super catch by Karthik...flashing drive...the ball going straight to Dravid and another catch stolen from Dravid.

    Mock...I buy everything you sell...Ganguly to blame for all these catches being stolen...anything to get rid of him

    By Blogger Jiet, at 04:54  

  • yeda...I already agreed in the beginning that maybe ODIs he can fit in(although its not an automatic choice over gibbs for the middle order place). But I still feel that gibbs has been taken as a backup opener...and in case of SRT missing out, its unlikely that Sehwag and Afridi would be opening the innings(Afridi has also started coming down the order, both he and Sehwag are inconsistent at the top)

    By Blogger worma, at 04:55  

  • On second thought, Karthik's initial movement was just to his left, requiring the thrust to his right.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 04:56  

  • The Indians still not wanting to come out of their comfort zone. They don't want to bat first because if they bowl out Zim cheaply, then they have to enforce follow on. Probably Zaheer refused extra workload. More theories. :)

    By Blogger Dadagiri, at 04:56  

  • worma, I thought Gibbs had backed out of the series

    By Blogger Toney, at 04:56  

  • SG should not be doing this...this is...well...as per my very reliable sources in and around the team...simply malicious!

    By Blogger Blwe_torch, at 04:57  

  • don't worry, jiet, you will see all this written about on cricinfo or "reliable sources" quoted ;-)

    By Blogger Mock Turtle, at 04:57  

  • SG is the prince of darkness, what do you expect, blwe_torch? Sauron, Saurav, u see?

    By Blogger Mock Turtle, at 04:59  

  • mock turtle, if cricinfo wont, Telegraph will get the story from rel sources

    By Blogger Toney, at 04:59  

  • don't give them more leads..mock!

    By Blogger Blwe_torch, at 05:00  

  • India did not want to bat first because there was a possibility that SG may have to bat today - and why would he do that?

    By Blogger Mock Turtle, at 05:00  

  • toney you're right...i forgot...gibbs has withdrawn...that means, Inzy comes in anyway. If SRT also withdraws then Sehwag and Afridi would have to open by default (although if that fails they can make Sangakkara open)

    By Blogger worma, at 05:01  

  • mock turtle, what does that make me; Captain of the Dark-XI !!!

    By Blogger Saurabh Wahi, at 05:01  

  • saurabh :-)

    By Blogger Mock Turtle, at 05:03  

  • At least I will make a better captain than the Prince himself.

    After all, the spelling of my name is longer.

    By Blogger Saurabh Wahi, at 05:04  

  • SG is not very confident of taking on the famous Zimbabwean pace quartet..so naturally...India opts to bat 2nd....or if possible...3rd!

    By Blogger Blwe_torch, at 05:05  

  • I wager that Zaheer will bring the house down the next time the ball pitches a foot outide leg stump and hits the pads...

    By Blogger Jiet, at 05:06  

  • saurabh, I dunno - 'wahi' sounds too much like "sahi" ;-)you are doomed.

    By Blogger Mock Turtle, at 05:06  

  • Worma...if everyone from the first 11 withdraws ...do you think SG will find a place in the World 11 team ultimately?...I can smell some rat here too!

    By Blogger Blwe_torch, at 05:07  

  • My Super Series ODI lineup (choosing from who has been selected):
    Sangakkara (I really feel the selectors should have selected McCullum in the ODIs and Sangakkara for the Tests)

    By Blogger Sahir, at 05:07  

  • SG FORCED zaheer to bowl a half volley and MADE the zimb batsman on-drive.

    By Blogger Mock Turtle, at 05:07  

  • its time to give one of the bowlers a break and bring in gangs or a spinner for 4-5 overs

    By Blogger JD, at 05:08  

  • blwe, last i heard, dalmiya stopped interfering with the BCCI and is fully occupied rigging the world X1 to accomodate SG and YS.

    By Blogger Mock Turtle, at 05:08  

  • sahir, I thought Sangakkara put in some very good performances for SL in the ODIs too, his selection is well deserved

    By Blogger Toney, at 05:09  

  • SG deserves a place in the original World eleven...we all know that there is a conspiracy there

    By Blogger Jiet, at 05:09  

  • Oh..he has gone Internatzionale!!

    By Blogger Blwe_torch, at 05:10  

  • Probably, SG will get selected to the Masters XI if those kind of tourneys still exist

    By Blogger Toney, at 05:10  

  • mock,blue get a room will ya :)

    By Blogger JD, at 05:10  

  • blwe_torch..hmm...SG in second XI..what do you reckon?...well I think he should be in first XI ;-)...but then...thats me only. btw...I hope you guys out here are not making fun of SG 'seriously' :-))

    By Blogger worma, at 05:11  

  • Should have been out there I think...lbw shout was close

    By Blogger Jiet, at 05:12  

  • toney,
    I am not questioning Sangakkara's merits. However, when one considers that he usually bats at number 3 for Sri Lanka and is hoghly unlikely to bat there in the Super Series (probably 7), I feel McCullum's performances down the order ought to have nudged him in.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 05:13  

  • ohhh! SG opted for 2 seamers so that he can bowl and prove his all-round capabilities.

    worma ;-))

    By Blogger Mock Turtle, at 05:13  

  • JD bhaiya...mera naam to sahi likhiye!..aapne 'blwe' ko blue bana diya!...Main kya itna dukhi atma lagta hoon?!

    By Blogger Blwe_torch, at 05:14  

  • Sahir, I agree, McCUllum might just be more comfortable playing on the bouncier pitches too

    By Blogger Toney, at 05:14  

  • pls don't doubt our good intensions..Worma!

    By Blogger Blwe_torch, at 05:15  

  • sorry blue i mean blwe:)

    By Blogger JD, at 05:15  

  • mock...he would bowl one ineffective over...then quickly bring in the spinners...did you notice he did exactly that in the ODI as well as the first test!

    By Blogger worma, at 05:15  

  • Very valid point raised by commentators regarding the lack of a third seamer on this pitch. It is not going to make a difference against Zimbabwe, but would versus any top side. I'm repeating myself from earlier, but as Ravi pointed out, the lack of selectorial gumption to choose which spinner to select over the other probably resulted in the lack of a third seamer.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 05:16  

  • worma, SG's getting a little movement, he'll bowl another couple of overs

    By Blogger Toney, at 05:17  

  • Thanx jd!...

    By Blogger Blwe_torch, at 05:17  

  • Sahir/anybody who saw from the beginning,
    If the team went in with just 2 seamers, why did they bowl first?

    By Blogger Toney, at 05:17  

  • I just noticed...SG bowled the first no ball of the innings...that means the pacers bowled 15 overs with a single NO ball!..thats a huge improvement..does look like GC is making them do the homework

    By Blogger worma, at 05:18  

  • Toney, insurance against losing the toss...

    By Blogger Jiet, at 05:19  

  • the no balls cost us the 4

    By Blogger Avinash, at 05:20  

  • jiet, but didnt they consider the possibility of winning the toss? :) Going in with two spinners, so they could have batted first anyhow when the toss was won

    By Blogger Toney, at 05:20  

  • sahir I dont know if Ravi's point is valid about selectorial gumption...I mean we keep making that kind of decision(dropping one spinner) almost every ODI...and even in tests...we have been doing it regularly outside the subcontinent, isn't that so? I think these were just four most effective strike bowlers, and hence chosen for that reason(even if the reasoning is wrong)

    By Blogger worma, at 05:20  

  • Worma...yet he couldn't change SG!

    By Blogger Blwe_torch, at 05:20  

  • I think AK might bowl seam-up for the first couple of overs

    By Blogger Toney, at 05:20  

  • dunno if any of you noticed it - when VVS was interviewd after the century and asked about the plan for the next day, he said "we will have a team meeting and our coach will tell us what to do and we will do accordingly" - how should i spin this? let me check with my "reliable source" ;-)

    By Blogger Mock Turtle, at 05:20  

  • toney great question no answer, we could have played 5 bowlers

    By Blogger Avinash, at 05:21  

  • toney,
    Other than at Headingley 2002, if there is a tinge of green on the wicket, Ganguly prefers to bowl first. However, what is surprising, Ganguly normally always prefers 3 seamers abroad.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 05:21  

  • sahir, thats my point. When you look to bowl first, you take in 3 seamers, win the toss or not

    By Blogger Toney, at 05:22  

  • i think the Dravid faction forced SG into taking kumble

    By Blogger Mock Turtle, at 05:22  

  • Sahir,...you are correct...but it seems Zimbabwe is not abroad enough for SG..

    By Blogger Blwe_torch, at 05:23  

  • Avinash,
    5 bowlers was never really an option being up a test with one to go. AA or Balaji if fit should have played in place of Harbhajan on this wicket, especially if the decision to bowl first has been made.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 05:23  

  • sahir
    there is only Aus who consistently bats first if there it is a green pitch or if there is assistance for the bowlers.
    Aus before this ashes that is :)

    By Blogger JD, at 05:23  

  • i think Agarkar has paid Shastri money to keep whining about the third seamer.

    By Blogger Mock Turtle, at 05:24  

  • Kumble straight aways under pressure here. The pitch and conditions seem to be crying “3rd seamer , 3rd seamer where are u”?

    By Blogger Avinash, at 05:24  

  • Kumble straight aways under pressure here. The pitch and conditions seem to be crying “3rd seamer , 3rd seamer where are u”?

    By Blogger Avinash, at 05:24  

  • Worma,
    I think Ravi's observation is valid. When we used to drop one spinner for another, then the situaion was different. NOW if you drop one, there will be more negative talks. So it's better to leave out AA who is not a regular or Balaji who is still young and unestablished.

    By Blogger Dadagiri, at 05:24  

  • i hope gang brings back pathan after 5-6 overs for a short spell beore lunch

    By Blogger JD, at 05:24  

  • Mock..my reliable sources say...you are trying to infringe the hornets' nest!

    By Blogger Blwe_torch, at 05:24  

  • Yeah...I think they wanted to bowl first and do the damage in te first innings.

    Anyway Ganguly can do no wrong...so don't worry about it.

    By Blogger Jiet, at 05:25  

  • SG WANTS to bowl, bat, field and so he chose himself as the third seamer. he is also practising wicket-keeping. he wants TOTAL CONTROL.

    By Blogger Mock Turtle, at 05:25  

  • dadagiri, you serious? Not a valid argument at all, which is more impt, getting the team right or pleasing all quarters?

    By Blogger Toney, at 05:26  

  • I am liking SG's body language today. Much confident than what I saw during the first test. Good sign.

    By Blogger Dadagiri, at 05:26  

  • jd,
    you are right that most captains ought to bowl first these days when the wicket has a tinge of grees, however, ho often is this the case when only two seamers have been selected?

    By Blogger Sahir, at 05:27  

  • sorry, green and how; typos

    By Blogger Sahir, at 05:28  

  • Toney,
    I know Toney, but you know how it is out there. As someone pointed out, SG always plays abroad with three pacers. So why not on a pacer friendly track? That could be the only reason. Unfortunate, but probably true.

    By Blogger Dadagiri, at 05:28  

  • Pathan has done his bit, and now we have 2 spinners to fall back on, I am not watching on TV but i doubt whether Harare pitch will favor 2 spinners atleast not on 1st day. But then again with Taibu gone we still stand a chance of blowing away ZIM.

    Another worry IND has habit of making heroes out of zeroes so one never know if Streak stays put then Masakadza / Coventry / Blignaut maybe one of them will end up doing a Marillier on India.

    I think SG /GC affair muddled the planning I doubt we will actually loose but if ZIM score well in 1st innings we will make heavy weather of the match, considering the kind of mindset team will be carrying.

    so many imponderables in what should be a simple no contest, but trust India to spice up any match.

    By Blogger Bedoon_Esam, at 05:28  

  • Streak appears intent on playing the sheet anchor being the only experienced bloke around

    By Blogger Bedoon_Esam, at 05:30  

  • Just got of the phone with my "moderately reliable source" - SG picked two spinners just to spite GC - remember, he said there will be no changes to the team after GC said it wasn't decided?

    By Blogger Mock Turtle, at 05:31  

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