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Friday, September 09, 2005

Some more thoughts (by worma)

Glen McGrath showed the difference a champion bowler makes to the side. Even when he is not at his best. McGrath himself was probably not at his probing best, but providing enough support for Warne to make their "strange-n-strike" strategy outdo Eng batsmen. Boycott, in this article(which I linked earlier), has the same thoughts. Had Warne got even such 'normal' support, the whole series could have been different for Aus.Warne has now taken 33 wickets at 19 in the series and if Australia had had decent bowlers at the other end or batted better then they would be walking away with this contest.

And meanwhile, Aussie have atleast shown some application in their catching effort. Hayden's effort to get rid of Tresco, and Katich for Strauss were brilliant. Maybe they do have a stronger resolve, lets see if it shows in their batting(I thought there were enough glimpses of it in their Trent Bridge 2nd innings, against a Jones-less Eng attack.)

Also Vaughan confirms that all those cries of world champion tag for this Eng team are pre-mature. "I don't think so," Vaughan said when asked if an Ashes win would confirm his team as world's best." "I think over periods of time the ICC rankings would suggest Australia would still be No.1 and for us to be No.1 we have to do it over a more regular basis as Australia have done over the last five years."

And finally to round it off, another Warne bit here, where he confirms that there was hardly anything in the pitch for him, except maybe an odd one turning a bit. That he went on to take a five-for is another story."I much prefer to bowl in the second and fourth innings. To bowl on day one I used all my experience to change the pace and flight of the ball." "There wasn't much on offer from the pitch so I had to make subtle variations with my deliveries and it worked.". Just to put it in perspective, even on our Indian pitches, we consider Kumble's/Bhajji's five-fors etc on an opening day a big success(as in the opening day of last Chennai test against Australia).


  • Kumble's spell in that Chennai test is an exception...I think Australia were playing without much bother at all and Kumble came in and changed all that. He took 4-5 wickets in quick succession to get India back in the game.
    But I agree with your point...our bowlers always complain if they don't get help from the pitch. We are experts in giving excuses.

    By Blogger ClannZĂș, at 05:35  

  • Interesting stuff on Dravid's recent trend of getting bowled:


    By Blogger rp, at 11:23  

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