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Friday, September 09, 2005

Some thoughts on T5 day 1 (by worma)

As I said yesterday, the Aussie performance this series keeps reminding me of the old Indian team, the peak days of Sachin. An ordinary team with a few extraordinary performers sprinkled in. Every game someone rising up, and trying to carry the team on his shoulders. And all members of the team have their own 'story', burdening them further.

But Warne has risen so high in this series. Partially due to contrast, a luxury he hardly ever got in such abundance in this Aussie team anytime earlier.

His performance yesterday was magical, without a single delivery being in that category! His game has risen beyond mundane matter of degree of turn he gets off the pitch. So often we hear that good cricket is like a chess game, his performance is the best ever example that I've witnessed of the mindgames of cricket.

Here is a nice story of Warne in this ashes series. This bit is interesting Although coach John Buchanan denied it, Warne was so active during England's tense run-chase it seemed he was running the show, not captain Ricky Ponting.. In any other country, he could have been their most successful captain. In Australia, they had Waugh in the same era!

On another note, another story on Merlyn the bowling machine that Eng claims helped them conquer Warne. And they talk as if they are really serious about it! Well 4 hundreds in 9 innings from the entire team is hardly conquering. Australia has been short of sometimes even half-decent support to Warne which helped Eng make some(not enough) runs. And then their bowlers won the matches for them. Bowling machine or not.

Justin Langer here starting to rub it in, that Eng has played a bowler less, and not batted well enough. True, but we still have to see if Aus have anything in store. Warne, we already knew, could do his stuff.

Strauss says if Eng can score 370+ they are in the game. Well he must be banking on his bowlers(minus Jones) to once again stand up and cover for the less than fulfilling batting performance. Boycott agrees that Eng batting, once again, was careless.

He also says Pietersen's hubris seems to be getting the better of him. He wants to be the superstar, he wants the acclaim and the adulation but he has not yet put in the performances to back up that attitude.. I have also often argued that Pieterson may have the potential, yet has hardly done enough to show his test match attitude. Even his debut innings was an ODI style hit and miss affair. Since we know he can hit good balls off good bowlers, so there's no doubt that he can go far.


  • "Waugh in the same era" ?? Warne would have been made captain immediately after Waugh in both one dayers and tests if it were not for his fascination with his cellphone keys and other extra activities off the pitch

    By Blogger Gana, at 06:01  

  • dunno about that gana, I thought he was in competition with Waugh..and since then it was never going to be him...CA never go 'back' in that sense..RP was being groomed, was already ODI captain etc?

    By Blogger worma, at 06:18  

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