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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Ashes : T5 day3 - Open Thread

Weekend morning...just managed to wake up in time to catch the start. Lets see if it happens on time(cricinfo is still on yesterday, tv converage is on ads :)

Haven't caught up with reports on yesterday's game, but I guess besides Hayden's cautious tread on path to a mini-survival, and Eng's self-inflicted thin-ness of bowling attack, not much else to check.

Anyway...open thread...


  • rain rain go away..little langer wants to play.. big matt wants to bat..rain rain go away

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 06:44  

  • First comment for day 3 as players walk off the ground due to rain. Forecast for today is not very good...so there will be lots of stop-starts. I think it was a bad decision for Australia to walk off yesterday...they should have played on until it started raining. I mean wouldn't they want the most time available needed to press for a win...what if on the last day England is 9 wickets down and play is called off early for bad light/rain.

    By Blogger ClannZú, at 06:45  

  • what is Aus lost 2-3 wickets in bad light ? I can see arguments both ways..and I'm happy with whatever decision the batters made. it's them who has to live with it.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 06:50  

  • Boycott talking about his column in the Telegraph which talks about Pietersen getting ahead of himself. Kinda what we were discussing here and even Atherton & Slater talked about it yesterday.
    All of them think that he needs to perform because he has immense talent and self-confidence but all the attention and stardom is getting to him. Boycott now saying KP should bat at #4 as that will give him more responsibility.

    By Blogger ClannZú, at 06:50  

  • covers are coming off - are about to come off. the umpiring has been terrible just like any other series :) I thought 2 lbws were plumb this morning.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 06:51  

  • yeah calnnzu...listening to Boycs...totally agree...haven't yet started liking the test-cricketer in Pieterson yet, as I noted in my thoughts yestday

    By Blogger worma, at 06:52  

  • oops..that was clannzu..sorry

    By Blogger worma, at 06:52  

  • and did you read the Langer column about the light offer...saying they would have done differently had they known its going to rain and end the day

    By Blogger worma, at 06:53  

  • not sure what to make of KP - he does not look safe at the crease. he seems to be trying a few shots too many too early. anyway he will learn... but the good thing aroud next ashes..Eng is likely to have an awsome team.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 06:53  

  • it's expected to rain tomorrow as well... looks like the Test is set for a well earned draw for Eng in the context of the series :)

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 06:57  

  • will start in 7 minutes

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 06:58  

  • Exactly worma...with rain predicted for most of today...it wouldn't have been that risky to bat last night because the main problem was bad light which frankly wasn't so dark. And England bowlers were under more pressure at that time..Langer & Hayden looked very much in control...so I don't buy the thought that they could have lost wickets. You can lose wickets any time and there is more chance of it when you're batting after rain delay.
    More than anything I thought it was a defensive approach and it let England off the hook a bit. But still there is lots of time to go in the game and who knows we might not even need the 5th day.

    By Blogger ClannZú, at 07:01  

  • I think KP is like Sehwag...someone who doesnt care about the bowler or even the situation to an extent...he backs himself to go out there and do it. And many times that can backfire. Only thing you have to watch is that he wins you more matches than he costs. And yes this is just his 1st series...he will mature like Freddie did and get more selective in his shots. Atleast I hope so because he is a treat to watch.

    By Blogger ClannZú, at 07:05  

  • nobody knows whether Aus would have lost wickets or not - will never know.
    but there is always a possibility.
    so no point there to be speculative .

    agree there is still time left if it does not rain often enough.

    says more rain likely.


    By Blogger Yacrik, at 07:05  

  • yes, totally agree on that clannzu. Langer and rest of them probably thought its ok to be safe if its a matter of half an hour or so. Didnt bargain for the whole session being lost. Anyways....Boycott has a good critique here.

    And btw, interesting comment by him in same article, that this game Eng attack is comparable to Aus...with Aus having the edge with 'that spinner' :)

    By Blogger worma, at 07:07  

  • Hoggard looks like he will take a wicket anytime..but he has been giving away runs. of course, missing 3rd slipper did not help

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 07:09  

  • clannzu, its good to be a sehwag in the 'mental' approach to the game (esp good if you are playing in a good batting lineup for others to backup). But today KP's shot selection is nowhere close to sehwag...who is not looking to 'bash all the balls out of the ground'

    By Blogger worma, at 07:09  

  • This is destiny/ForcesOfNature/WhateverYouCallIt at display.
    It was destined for the Aussies to hand over the Ashes, no matter how much they are determined/motivated to keep it.
    It might appear cruel, especially when you see the way the aussies are playing(even Hayden). It would require DESTINY to use all its secret powers to remove the last atom of Aussie skin from the Urn.
    It just proves that MAN is helpless and has to bow to the Greater Force but as mankind we must enjoy and cherish this spirit and determination that our fellow men display. That's what makes life worth living.

    How I wish, the Aussies fight till the last ball and somehow win this test and keep it. I know how badly they want to win, even though they aren't able to zero into the Algorithm and execute it, they are still searching frantically for it.

    By Blogger Mr. V, at 07:10  

  • Sehwag still has that problem in ODI's...tests obviously he has done exceedingly well.

    By Blogger ClannZú, at 07:11  

  • Hayden scores his first 50 of the series.

    By Blogger ClannZú, at 07:13  

  • yeah in ODIs, he tries the wrong approach we are just now discussing. Dont understand why he doesnt play his test game in ODIs also (maybe subcontinent pitches almost compell the opener to bash out, we see even 300 is chasable score there). As Prem pointed out in the final game, thats what he was looking to do...play like tests....

    By Blogger worma, at 07:13  

  • Why can't Sehwag play ODIs like Tests - if the formula works out in Tests with his high scoring rate it should work in ODIs as well - that's to with fielding restriction.. that has been a great unsolved secret..

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 07:14  

  • 200 runs without a wicket ! that's what I'm looking at... hundreds from both openers.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 07:16  

  • pull shot of the day!

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 07:23  

  • Hayden is back to his best! what a brutal hoick

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 07:26  

  • Do you guys think they will keep Hayden if he goes on to make a 100 ? I think the axe then might fall on Damien Martyn.

    By Blogger ClannZú, at 07:28  

  • Easily the toughest day for Eng, since the Lord's Test. Aus cruising along with 10 wickets and plenty of runs. 2 openers well set.. short of 1 bowler. wow.. weather is the only help...

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 07:31  

  • damien martyn has his first series failure (if he fails in this game)....he was their best batsmen throughout last couple of seasons....why would they drop him ??? I dont think they are so 'emotional' about ashes as we think.

    I am not very sure if they were totally convinced to drop hayden also yet....they could have been in doubts..and his team-mates confidence could have saved him...anyways...now I dont see that happening, they would think all's ok for a while (although thats not my opinion, I think he is struggling...same as SG...against good bowling)

    but all this would surely tempt them to speed up the process of grooming the replacements.

    By Blogger worma, at 07:32  

  • difficult to cut someone who made a hundred against this Eng attack..
    remember.. Martyn has had rough decisions and also his lean trot has been just this series..tough call.
    I'm glad I'm not one of the selectors..

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 07:35  

  • lunch break:
    Ganguly's last Test hundred demystified:

    break up of FOURs to get the hundred:
    (no Lee, McGrath or Warne)

    5 Fours : Andy Bickel
    4 Fours : Bracken
    3 Fours : Gillespie
    1 Four : MacGil
    1 Four : Katich

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 07:48  

  • Yeah I would much rather they drop Hayden...he's done well here but looks past his peak. I think Michael Hussey can take his place.
    Would hate it if Martyn is dropped...I really like his batting and he was the 2nd highest run-scorer last year. But the Aussie selectors will make a few changes to this ageing side and if Hayden makes a 100 it will be tough to drop him.

    By Blogger ClannZú, at 08:00  

  • seems like kumble made a few runs while Yuvraj was clean bowled in the Mutere match.. just saw images on getty images..

    By Blogger Tiger, at 08:04  

  • clannzu, the changes that Aus selectors might want to bring would not necessarily be immediate...but long term. Martyn has given no indications of being finished yet, a series failure has come in much greater batsmen's careers. They would persist with him for a much longer time.
    With Hayden, even if he gets more chances, hes never going to be the same again..so his time will come soon.

    By Blogger worma, at 08:09  

  • tiger, can you post the link here. can't seem to find it

    By Blogger worma, at 08:12  

  • Here's the man - Giles is back !

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 08:13  

  • Very defensive field for Giles...3 men on the boundary in the leg-side and 2 on the off.

    By Blogger ClannZú, at 08:14  

  • whats this, have these teams switched rules? :)

    By Blogger Toney, at 08:15  

  • Did you notice - MPV is cool as cucumber..when score reads Aus 161-0!

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 08:17  

  • Gambhir just showed who India was missing in the ODI team. He is supposed to be a fantastic cover/point fielder.
    (and can claim pad-pad catches at short-leg :) )

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 08:19  

  • I meant successfully claim

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 08:19  

  • hi guys. been in & out all morning.

    Difficult conditions, well played the Aussies.

    yacrik, even at 161-0, the Aussies have a long way to go. The conditions suggest that wickets might fall if the Aussies try to accelerate so Vaughan is not too concerned (just yet).

    England will take a score of 275 for 3 or 4 as long as they keep the scoring down to 3.25 or there abouts.

    By Blogger Saurabh Wahi, at 08:24  

  • Does anyopne know if there are mre rains forecast?

    By Blogger Toney, at 08:25  

  • hiya wahi- how's the weather looking there. when is the next passing shower ?

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 08:26  

  • toney, its pretty beak here. Keeps on raining on and off. Rain forcast today & Tomorrow.

    Even if it does not rain, scoring is extremely difficult...

    By Blogger Saurabh Wahi, at 08:26  

  • agreed - also ait's important not to panick even if it is 275-1 which is likely

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 08:27  

  • yeah saurabh...i guess with giles at one end..vaughan is looking to keep the runs down, not so much wkts...and see how they go, since he knows Aus would want to accelerate at one point. Might backfire though, if these two see off the tough times...the middle and lower order can accelerate much more than what vaughan might have seen this series

    By Blogger worma, at 08:29  

  • umbys are back on..

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 08:33  

  • scoring rate will go up from one end

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 08:34  

  • there was a passsing shower over my house 20 minutes ago. Must be the same. Nothing threatening....

    By Blogger Saurabh Wahi, at 08:35  

  • they have applied the accelerator. Interesting passage of play now...

    By Blogger Saurabh Wahi, at 08:36  

  • panic mode setting in just a bit.. no rain in sight...373 looks a way too less

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 08:36  

  • suddenly you feel you are watching the "Old england" and the "Old Australia".


    By Blogger Saurabh Wahi, at 08:37  

  • bowld

    By Blogger worma, at 08:37  

  • and out!!!

    Like I said, its difficult to attack in these conditions...

    By Blogger Saurabh Wahi, at 08:38  

  • was he just waiting for a hundred..he needed to get a big hundred.. but good thing is Ponting is such a treat to watch. surely the best player to emerge in the late 90s

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 08:38  

  • who says harmy does not rise to the occassion?...not too shabby there.

    By Blogger Jiet, at 08:39  

  • I love this game man! One ball, and the whole equation changes...

    By Blogger Saurabh Wahi, at 08:39  

  • let me try some arm chair experting.. they should send in Gilchrist to attack and up the scoring rate

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 08:39  

  • yeah..but Harmison was putting more effort also...a big diff from his bowling most of the time

    By Blogger worma, at 08:39  

  • Jeit, come on. 185 before he raises to the equation!!! High time, you would think...

    By Blogger Saurabh Wahi, at 08:40  

  • and its raining now. What a time to take that wicket...

    By Blogger Saurabh Wahi, at 08:40  

  • oops if you tought Ponting was next to the crease... it's going to be the weather god at both ends..

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 08:41  

  • not yet yacrik. Martyn/Clarke and Ponting are not bad strikers of the ball...

    By Blogger Saurabh Wahi, at 08:41  

  • Yeah apparently Vaughan told Harmison to go all out and rile up Langer with a few short ones. Harmison is much more dangerous when bowls just back of a good length instead of bowling full or bowling short. The extra bounce is hard to handle for any batsman.

    By Blogger ClannZú, at 08:44  

  • sure... Clarke and Ponting can hit the ball well..
    but Glichrist can change everything in one session! if he gets going .. easy 175 in one session for the team!

    Aus should show the intentions clear and near - send in Gilly and watch the fun!
    just imagine all Ashes squad... Gilly and Flitoff against world X1.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 08:46  

  • clannzu..thats the problem...Harmison has to be 'woken up' from time to time, it seems....Saurabh....you were probably right...Harmison not there in World XI yet...dont know if he would ever mature enough

    By Blogger worma, at 08:48  

  • all Ashes squad :


    mostly Aus players - who would you drop there... but Eng still leads 2-1... does not make sense

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 08:51  

  • Passing shower?! Gosh, I am some 5 miles from the Oval and its almost like a desi monsoon here! Dont hold your breath for a quick start guys!!

    By Blogger Painfully Sinstripe, at 08:53  

  • Again it should be Katich or Martyn in place of Pietersen.. so it's 8-3 for Aus

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 08:55  

  • Ind - ZCB update :

    Kumble and Yuvraj batted - Yuvraj bowled.. not sure what VVS and Ganguly did... since Kumble and Yuvraj got to bat they could not have done much..

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 08:58  

  • sorry I meant Yuvraj got clean bowled..
    he might have bowled later..that is a different story.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 08:59  

  • channel 4 announcers are on a break - so they don't expect the play to resume any time soon.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 09:00  

  • looks increasingly like no play for some time but the Aussies have a pretty good start, hopefully Gilchrist gets a few quick runs an dmakes up for the time lost

    By Blogger Toney, at 09:07  

  • Hi..Here is a link to the Getty images which show some images of the match..Not sure if the link will work..


    By Blogger ilovecricket, at 09:07  

  • painfully sinstripe, the weather ppaterns in this country still continues to amaze! It's sunshine in Richmond!

    Yesterday, we had hailstorm and flooding in Barne & Kingston and the Oval was relatively dry!

    An early start looks unlikely...

    By Blogger Saurabh Wahi, at 09:08  

  • more photos:

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 09:12  

  • http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/cricket/photo_galleries/4232230.stm

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 09:13  

  • http://editorial.gettyimages.com/source/search/FrameSet.aspx?s=ImagesSearchState%7c0%7c0%7c28%7c0%7c0%7c0%7c1%7c9%2f11%2f2005%7c9%2f9%2f2005%7c0%7c0%7c0%7c0%7c0%7c0%7c0%7c0%7c2%7cindia%7c0%7c0%7c0%7c0%7c0&p=2&tag=1

    thats the link to images from India - ZBXI match in Mutare

    By Blogger Tiger, at 09:13  

  • Sourabh:
    Indeed. As they say, dont bend down to do your laces or else you'll miss the summer!

    By Blogger Painfully Sinstripe, at 09:13  

  • thx tiger, ilovecricket : the links does work. Although not sure how much I enjoy watching Kumble bat ;-)

    By Blogger worma, at 09:14  

  • guys, Richie Benaud interview on BBC Radio. Not to be missed.

    By Blogger Saurabh Wahi, at 09:16  

  • painfully sinstripe, you live in London or just visiting?

    By Blogger Saurabh Wahi, at 09:17  

  • Seems like Ganguly couldnt make runs even against the pop gun ZB XI attack... which isnt bad actually.. the end will come quicker.

    By Blogger Tiger, at 09:17  

  • thanx Saurabh!

    By Blogger Tiger, at 09:18  

  • Sourabh:
    Been here a year. Might stay another year. Been good fun thus far!

    By Blogger Painfully Sinstripe, at 09:22  

  • no problems tiger. Benaud claims to have a simple philosophy with commentating on Television; Dont offend the viewer by stating the obvious.

    I remember his commentry when England won at Edgebaston by two runs. He just said three words as the camera moved from Jones taking the Catch, Bowden raising his finger and Harmison jumping with Joy.

    "Jones....Bowden....Harmison" and then paused for a few seconds (No "England have won by two runs", "What a game", etc)

    Fact is, everyone knew what had happened and not many were actually listening to the commentary...

    Classic stuff...

    By Blogger Saurabh Wahi, at 09:29  

  • painfully, lets try to meet sometimes.

    In fact, I think there are other guys on this blog who live in/around London.

    A drink to celebrate this summar would be nice...

    By Blogger Saurabh Wahi, at 09:30  

  • Aus need bat another 90-100 overs to build a respectable lead.
    Even if it does not rain tomorrow (but it is expected to rain tomorrow), we are in for a tight schedule.
    It's almost tea time on day 3.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 09:34  

  • yacrik, we are assuming the Aussies will reach 500 and then England will collapse for 125. If this happens, the the Aussies deserve to win (or England deserve to lose the Ashes).

    But right now, draw is beginining to look like the most likely result...

    By Blogger Saurabh Wahi, at 09:39  

  • wahi: I see your point.
    The Eng batting is a question mark - so if the series ends in 2-2, it's a huge over-performance by them.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 09:44  

  • Sourabh, sounds like a great idea. Perhaps even an expat-11 for the next season?! Do you have an email I could write to you on?

    By Blogger Painfully Sinstripe, at 09:45  

  • covers are coming off.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 09:45  

  • saurabh_wahi@hotmail.com

    mobile: 07833 675084.

    Game sounds like a good idea. UK XI VS US XI would be great! We can get Prem to caoch the US team and see how good he really is :-)

    By Blogger Saurabh Wahi, at 09:50  

  • About an all-out use of technology: when players don't have access to replays , why does umpires need to use? I think everyone should 'play' in real-time. both teams have the same bad/good decisions.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 09:50  

  • can't wait for Ponting or Gilchrist to come to the crease -

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 09:52  

  • Well-that might not be a good idea. PP being the spin doctor he is will always have great reasons why the rub of the green went against the US XI!!

    By Blogger Painfully Sinstripe, at 09:53  

  • covers are coming back on??? chalo guys.. i'm off

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 09:54  

  • PP - not politically correct to take him on his blog. he is a spin doctor - has a knack/courage to claim he is always right.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 09:58  

  • yacrik, I agree but I think the bowling & batting side should have one decision per session where they can request that the decison can be refered to the Third-Umpire. This will not slow the game too much and will help get rid of most of the umoiring errors...

    By Blogger Saurabh Wahi, at 10:01  

  • India's batsman captain Sourav Ganguly walksoff the pitch after been caught for 46 runs in Muatre, Zimbabwe on the 3rd day of a 3 day Warm-up match 10 September 2005, between India and Zimbabwe Boad XI....Hmmm 46 runs??

    By Blogger ilovecricket, at 10:10  

  • Play in 15mins??

    By Blogger Toney, at 10:13  

  • 1 per session? good plan

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 10:18  

  • The ground staff is fully begind the England team - it's taking them ages and half to take the covers off. not sure it always took this long :)

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 10:18  

  • play in 10 minutes.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 10:20  

  • it looks very cloudy... not holding my breath for a long session here.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 10:23  

  • I wonder whether cricket will go back to what it was if Aus manage to win

    By Blogger Toney, at 10:23  

  • what's the thought here.. are they going to up the scoring rate?
    or play natural. I'm sure once Hayden reaches his 100, will go after the bowlers.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 10:27  

  • toney..you mean dominant aussie period? well in either case...there's not much change in the short term...if Aus get their full bowling attack...they're still going to dominate most other teams. Eng meanwhile, would continue to being good, if they have some backup bowlers(and not always expect these four to play). Whether they will improve or not, we'll find out this winter

    By Blogger worma, at 10:28  

  • lost 30 overs today!

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 10:28  

  • toney: one thing that has come to the forefront here is that after Warne and McGrath Aussies are not going to be very dominant. Warne and McGrath were 2 very very special players . After them competition will return to Test cricket.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 10:30  

  • I think there will be a level playing field with Warne & McGrath gone. The matches will be more competitive instead of one-sided drabs. And that only be good for the game.

    By Blogger ClannZú, at 10:34  

  • "At eight minutes past three came the worst moment of the Ashes summer so far. Matthew Hayden smiled." - Simon Barnes.

    By Blogger vishnupavan, at 10:35  

  • clannzu, I would rather prefer the game to be one-sided drab..if its on our 'side' :)

    By Blogger worma, at 10:42  

  • RP looks scratchy

    By Blogger Toney, at 10:46  

  • agree with you, yacrik. But I have this feeling the Aussies will do something. You dont really need two absolutely fantastic players, but you do need 11 good players and the Aussies have plenty of them. At least one of them will go on to be an above avg bowler too

    By Blogger Toney, at 10:47  

  • yeah..saw that hook shot...but looking to score. and harmy still in the zone right now

    By Blogger worma, at 10:47  

  • That was one heck of a ball from Harmison...this is the kind of hostile bowling I want to see.

    By Blogger ClannZú, at 10:50  

  • Bad move to bring Giles on now.

    By Blogger ClannZú, at 10:52  

  • its suprising how consistently Hayden is struggling. We were talking of Chopra yestday, he's playing like that. I dont remember any other Aussie player ever batting like this!

    By Blogger worma, at 10:58  

  • giles might be a good move. both RP and MH might wanna have go at him. MV may be hoping for them to make a mistake in that process

    By Blogger JD, at 10:58  

  • as someone mentioned yest hayden is doing a sachin

    By Blogger JD, at 10:59  

  • Easy singles coming with Giles...all the pressure build up by Harmy being let off.

    By Blogger ClannZú, at 10:59  

  • jd - it was me who mentioned that yesterday...Hayden holding back yesterday is looking more confident and sure about his footwork today.

    By Blogger ClannZú, at 11:01  

  • yeah but clannzu, he's not only holding himself..he is consistently struggling to play within himeslf also...even now close to his century. Sachin...when he refrains himself...is not edgy and pokey

    By Blogger worma, at 11:04  

  • worma, Abt Chopra struggling, I read a few earlier (May-June) posts from Prem and also some links from Chopra, seems like he buckled down per team instructions. It isnt fair to say that he struggled, esp in Aus.

    By Blogger Toney, at 11:05  

  • the game is getting tight here for the aussies. time has come for them to make a move on. 160 behind, not much play expected toaday... they'd left with too much to do on the 4th day.
    ideally they'd loved to declare by tea on the 4th day; dunno if thats possible anymore.
    btw what kind of target do u think the aussies shoud set. i beleive they'd set something around 350

    By Blogger JD, at 11:06  

  • worma - right now he's not edgy at all. Playing more like the Hayden we've loved to hate.
    Vaughan needs to bring some fielders in...and get a short leg when Harmison is bowling. Runs coming here at a good rate.

    By Blogger ClannZú, at 11:06  

  • toney, sure Chopra was instructed to play out. But as during that time also, Wright and Ganguly kept saying (when looking for replacement) that they also needed runs from that end. Not just holding it up. So, am sure, they would have said so much to Chopra also? That chopra was able to follow one part of the instructions so well was to his credit. But they felt there was more needed, and possible from that end

    By Blogger worma, at 11:07  

  • seems Hayden's bad form has ended, the dges are going b/w keeper and slip :)

    By Blogger Toney, at 11:07  

  • yeah clannzu, hes coming back to some extent.

    By Blogger worma, at 11:09  

  • That was out...Ponting gets a life.

    By Blogger ClannZú, at 11:09  

  • yep that was out!

    By Blogger worma, at 11:10  

  • that was only pad
    warne will more than a handful on the 5thday

    By Blogger JD, at 11:10  

  • actually not out...zoom in shows

    By Blogger worma, at 11:11  

  • Looked like there was a deflection onto the pads.

    By Blogger ClannZú, at 11:12  

  • Hmm, RP was out, wonder if Gilchrist will give him a dressing down for not walking :-)

    By Blogger Toney, at 11:13  

  • No worma, they showed the deflection very clearly

    By Blogger Toney, at 11:13  

  • toney what deflection are you talking about

    By Blogger JD, at 11:15  

  • zoom in shows no deflection. Greig commented on that also. Snickometer not conclusive !

    By Blogger worma, at 11:16  

  • Snicko confirms the edge...Tony Greig for some reason thinks the snicko indicates the ball hitting the pad & then the bat hitting the pad.
    But the thin vertical lines indicate an edge whereas the thicker lines are sounds off the pad.

    By Blogger ClannZú, at 11:16  

  • The pitch has held on quite well for all the rain and humidity. The bounce is even and not much swing either though only Hoggard truly swings the ball.

    By Blogger ClannZú, at 11:20  

  • Hey, I saw in one of the replays that the ball clearly deflected into the pads off the bat. Not kidding, one replay, dont know why they didnt show it again. And it was a pretty close-up shot, the snickometer one showed a sharpp surge, something assoicated with ball hitting the bat, not bat and pad or ball and pad coming in contact. The contact b/w ball and pad, immediately after the surge had a different indication on the graph

    By Blogger Toney, at 11:21  

  • Hayden 100, great application at last

    By Blogger Toney, at 11:23  

  • toney
    that wasnot he ball deflecting off the bat. in the first frame the ball has just hit the pad and in the next frame it has gone a little further into the pab

    By Blogger JD, at 11:23  

  • was it? Maybe

    By Blogger Toney, at 11:25  

  • Hey, Pratt is on the field, Greig commenting abt it :) You know what, tey should place him at silly mid-off, just to get under RP's skin

    By Blogger Toney, at 11:26  

  • someone said Hayden batted like Chopra - 70% of Hayden's score have come
    from front of the wicket strokes. It's 15-20% for Chopra the club cricketer.
    is it rain or shine??

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 11:27  

  • i'm not saying it as a fact ;it coud be:)
    it might be good idea if clarke came in next. can score quick against pace and giles.

    oh off they go again

    By Blogger JD, at 11:27  

  • damn the rain, cant they play in NY, the weather is soo good here now :)

    By Blogger Toney, at 11:28  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger ClannZú, at 11:28  

  • Benaud thinks batting order could change! not a surprise there..I think we are in for a big blast.

    By Blogger Yacrik, at 11:29  

  • I think RP and Hayden should open up now, will be real fun if they do

    By Blogger Toney, at 11:30  

  • All the English players congratulating Hayden on his 100. If it were me I'd call him selfish for playing slowly and just to keep his place in the side. ;-)

    By Blogger ClannZú, at 11:31  

  • hayden has already started doing it to an extent. dunno if RP can do it as he is struggling against giles

    By Blogger JD, at 11:31  

  • if he were to get out now there'd he'd open himself to being called selfish. if on the other hand he explodes from hereon as it looks likely, the whole match situation will change

    By Blogger JD, at 11:33  

  • looks like the storm is moving fast; can see sunlight at one end of the ground

    By Blogger JD, at 11:34  

  • Wonder if this is enough to save Hayden though, even Langer will be a bit weary of the selectors, though he's been in better form

    By Blogger Toney, at 11:42  

  • someone needs to score a quickfire 50-60

    By Blogger suraj, at 11:44  

  • toney I think he will survive for a while, as I said the selectors may be in doubts...to keep or replace....but now with this century (and even otherwise) his team-mates and captain would have supported him. Now more so. So IMO he would be there for a while.

    By Blogger worma, at 11:45  

  • echoing what the commentators are saying, if there are two more days play, how much should the Aussies be looking to be getting?

    By Blogger Toney, at 11:46  

  • Australia with a lead of 200 should be quite a handful on the last day.

    By Blogger ClannZú, at 11:51  

  • I think one day is good enough to get them out...so look to bat till late tomorrow..maybe give 10-15 ovrs to Eng. And runs wont matter once they cross the Eng total...even a lead of 80-100 means Eng can't hope to win

    By Blogger worma, at 11:52  

  • But England doesn't even need to win...they will be more than happy with a draw. So bigger the lead the more pressure England is under.

    By Blogger ClannZú, at 11:54  

  • worma,

    You are really downgrading England "even a lead of 80-100 means Eng can't hope to win" Wow!! where is that analysis coming from??

    By Blogger suraj, at 11:56  

  • I really wish we can see a last day with Aus having a good chance to win, that'll be the best possible end to this series

    By Blogger Toney, at 11:56  

  • calnnzu...if Eng is not looking to win, then amount of lead hardly matters...they would be playing to survive, isn't it? So the lead should be enough to let Aus go for a win, even if Eng are able to cross the lead, on last day. And Aus can hope to chase down anything under 100 on last day...even with a run-rate of 4-5

    By Blogger worma, at 11:58  

  • suraj, if u read the whole thing...I said Aus should look to bat till close to end of day tomorrow...and look to have a go at Eng at last 10-15 ovrs....now consider this, at this stage if Aus lead by 80-100 runs....do you expect them to close down that lead....manage a big enough target, and then run down Aus again...all in the span of one last day...and some 10 ovrs ???

    By Blogger worma, at 12:00  

  • Botham was suggesting a while ago that - Aus should declare when they come within 50 runs of Eng's total, then try to bowl out Eng in quick time (say, in 2-3 sessions) and should fancy themselves chasing it down on the last day. Though it sounds a little risky, the "old Aus" could have considered that.

    By Blogger Nag, at 12:03  

  • Did any of you read abt a SLan batsman-captain also being part of the match fixing and bar-girl scandal?
    Though I am not fond of cricketnext or Sanjay Jha, here's an article that says some of the ICC Mini WC in Eng were fixed too


    By Blogger Toney, at 12:03  

  • toney any idea what is getting covered in more mainstream media in india on this. Sanjay Jha mentions currently hogging front - page headline news in leading national newspapers. I dont see much in main news of most sites...but Mid Day was the first one to come out with this story, with info (without self-inserted analysis) on who was caught, what did the police reveal etc. There was absolutely no hint of match-fixing in all that was found out. Lots of money involved, betting...and other 'activities'....but how does that matter. If there was no match fixing, then this has nothing to do with cricket, isn't it so?

    By Blogger worma, at 12:07  

  • Makes sense now worma. Missed out the timing part- agree with you.

    I do think Aussies will like more cushion in terms of time so will declare and hr or so before tea- no matter what the lead is.

    England is probably not going to go for a win anyway and Aussies will definitely need time to get them out.

    By Blogger suraj, at 12:08  

  • worma, I think what Jha means is Times Of India - leading paper alright, not online though. One trashy paper it is but they cover all the sleaze that goes around :)

    By Blogger Toney, at 12:10  

  • play in 18 minutes, good. Really looking fwds to RP and party's onslaught

    By Blogger Toney, at 12:12  

  • worma - I say lead about 150-200 so that even if England do manage to surpass the lead...Australia if they get England out probably won't have to score a lot to win it.
    However with just a lead of 80-100 gives England enough time to even go past that score and get a good lead themselves.
    Regardless of the final lead its imperative that Australia have a go at England preferably late evening tomorrow and get a wicket or two before close of play.

    By Blogger ClannZú, at 12:16  

  • 19.1 overs for the day

    By Blogger Saurabh Wahi, at 12:18  

  • sure clannzu, Aus wont mind lead of 150-200...but what if they reach of end tomorrow with lead of 100 ? Sould they go on, or take a chance with Warne? I think latter.

    By Blogger worma, at 12:19  

  • Oh definitely try to bowl england out.

    By Blogger ClannZú, at 12:22  

  • If we have a full day's play and another ten overs today, I think 100 is a closer lead than 150-200, they'll use any lead they have by tomorrow (assuming they bat that length of time)

    By Blogger Toney, at 12:22  

  • saurabh 18.1 ovrs :)

    By Blogger worma, at 12:27  

  • Benaud suggested he should declare around Lunch tomorrow and get his bowlers to bowl to England under overcast conditions and chase whatever they set on Monday when the weather is clearer.

    By Blogger Saurabh Wahi, at 12:34  

  • check out Indian innings score...now here on cricinfo. Lax, kaif, yuv got out cheaply. SG, Kumble, Karthik got some runs. SG has some problem in the arm.

    By Blogger worma, at 12:39  

  • Pain in his right elbow, another tennis elbow?

    By Blogger Toney, at 12:45  

  • yeah:)...Maybe he will take the break when sachin comes back

    By Blogger worma, at 12:53  

  • Freddie strikes :-)

    By Blogger ClannZú, at 12:54  

  • yeah...strauss looks like a v good catcher...another imp component in test team...good slip fielders..

    By Blogger worma, at 12:55  

  • Oh crap, MArtyn in the middle, would have liked to see Clarke

    By Blogger Toney, at 12:56  

  • Martyn plays far far away from his body

    By Blogger Toney, at 12:57  

  • What a beauty !

    By Blogger ClannZú, at 13:05  

  • yeah...freddie is doing a special here !

    By Blogger worma, at 13:05  

  • I really really hope AF and SH are fit and raring when they come to India

    By Blogger Toney, at 13:05  

  • SH am not sure...its not fitness issue with him. Anyways...I'm sure AF wud do well here, even with the bat.

    By Blogger worma, at 13:17  

  • Slater taking a slight jab at Boycott. :-)

    By Blogger ClannZú, at 13:28  

  • Much is being made about Matthew Hayden's century, a landmark on his path to return to form.

    It is being openly discussed about how this is possibly his last battle to save his career.

    With almost half of the first 3 days being rained out, is taking 250 balls to make his 110 really the order of the day for Australia?

    Consider if an Indian was in this situation. We would criticize his 'selfishness' for putting his own career above the team's fortunes and not taking the chance of accelerating the scoring rate and poising his team in the match. True, he had Langer scoring at a faster rate at the other end for most of his innings, but surely at some point he should have joined the party.

    But since most believe that the Australians "always have a plan" and assume that their team management and players are in complete sync, we don't see this side of the issue mentioned.

    By Blogger Sidhant, at 14:34  

  • Wasnt Hayden the one who said that Indian batsmen plays for themselves and for land markes. So was this century he made was good for Aussie coz? They needed qick runs not a 40% strike rate.

    By Blogger Vick, at 14:46  

  • I guess great minds think alike vick ; ) haha

    By Blogger Sidhant, at 14:50  

  • Guys,

    Is there some way we can influence the BCCI to change the English schedule from 3 to 4 tests and from 7 to 5 one-dayers.
    Online Polls, A letter writing campaign, articles from journalists and bloggers, letters to sports channels and television stations....

    What Can We Do???

    By Blogger Rishi Gajria, at 16:04  

  • umm Here is an intersting topic for discussion:
    Is hayden back?
    On the flip side, if Saurav Ganguly does the same against Zbwe, would he be considered to be back?
    Or are they both delaying the inevitable and taking the slot away from someone like a Mike Hussey/Md. Kaif resply?
    and last, which one of the two selectors/boards will make the al impt decision to boot?

    By Blogger KB, at 16:45  

  • rishi..
    we can fo squat!!! Most of the ppl here on this blog especially, are expatriates int he states or such and not the ppl who will go to the game and thereby put actual moolah in the BCCI coffers. So its an excersise in futility trying to influence the BCCI to do anything.
    PS: We can try if u realy want to....

    By Blogger KB, at 16:47  

  • At the height of their arrogance, the Australians claimed that the way they played their cricket, they took the WEATHER FACTOR out of the equation to obtain result.
    Just for that wish some more RAIN.

    By Blogger CrickTip, at 19:07  

  • Granted that Kaif and Yuvraj are the Wonders of India.
    Wonder why they have not been batting 40 - 45 as Beavan did with tons of Not Outs!

    By Blogger CrickTip, at 19:11  

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